Why I’m not a grade A minimalist

So I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism, and naturally (for me anyway) I started thinking about myself. I asked myself am I fully and whole heartedly invested in decluttering everything I don’t use , and the frank answer I gave to myself was- definitely not. Don’t get me wrong- I did a big konmary […]

How I Implied a zero water waste policy and how it (almost) works: 12 basic and useful tips.

Water is a powerful resource. we cannot survive without clean water, and yet so many abuse this resource.. I know I cannot save the world. I wish I could . But I fiercely believe that If every one of us would do all in his or her power to save as much water as he […]

go salads

¬†baked chickpeas-¬† Click the link above. because the picture below is the lovely result of following yet another great recipe from the ” minimalist baker” food blog i follow-and i love. great simple vegan recipes. try them out! If you remember my fondness for constant indulgence specially when it concerns food- then you won’t be […]

Starting from scratch #2

#1.Greeting cards: Do you remember how we loved drawing as kids ?somewhere along the adulthood road we lost it, what a shame ,it’s such fun!

well i bought 100 craft cards and 50 envelopes- (everything cost me 7 bucks )- and looked in my favorite place for ideas: Pinterest. I love cacti ( plus they are so easy to draw so there u go).Everyone was excited about these cards – and besides cutting on the costs i could make it personal both on the receivers side and on my side.

#2: muesli.another very simple thing to make from scratch is this muesli. After opening a foul box of store-bought muesli i wondered what were the ingredients of a basic muesli and found out u can do just fine with just rolled oats and raisins . But feel free to add nuts; coconut shreds or dried fruit .

#3: your own hamburger buns .maybe even your own bread who knows.a great recipe from one green planet.

Easy to make and my omnivore family members don’t leave anything for me! Check the link for the recipe and enjoy!Hamburger buns

a few tips on how to stop wasting time looking for misplaced stuff

After having spent yesterday afternoon looking for my car keys ( my son found them after i went frustrated to bed-they were hiding joyfully under the table) I spent some time thinking about how to avoid loosing those precious hours of running frantically around the house , blaming your self-and let’s face it-blaming almost everyone […]