How to survive as a lonely vegan among an omnivore family

Since I am the only vegan in my extended family, people sometimes wonder how i can buy&cook meat , chicken , eggs and dairy without trouble.

well I wouldn’t say it is the best case scenario but this is my family and i love them so.

just in case u think throwing tantrums and refusing to cook non vegan food or even making a fuss about letting these things into your home will help-well-no . it wont. it will be an endless source of foul jokes about you and your “trendy ideas” (and no it will not help to correct them with the actual facts or give futile lectures about the environment and clean eating and how they really should watch Gary yourofski and forks over knives.)

believe moi-been there-done that..

Now I will say it upfront so there is no misunderstanding if u r or want to become a vegan because of taste or other issues you have with non vegan foods and u r in fact revolted by meat or eggs for instance than this is not the tip for u in any way.

but many people turn vegan for ethical reasons and  not only are they not disgusted by meat etc’, but they really miss it and find that buying and cooking these foods for their family tempts them too much-just like any other restrictive diet .

I know this sounds harsh but I think we should face the truth veganism is a “diet” in the official definition of the word’ and let’s face it , it is restrictive.

So – if u fall to the category above you can definitely stand the smell and looks of non vegan foods, and u r even tempted by it how can u continue with your life as usual when living with an omnivore family?

If u happen to be the chef in your house hold, than i suggest you sit with yourself and decide where u draw the line and maybe no line needs to be drawn which is great .

I can tell u that for me personally cooking salmon-and steaks is something I couldn’t do , because baked salmon (with rosemary leaves and coarse salt ) was one of my favorite dishes. and medium well steaks .

After I decided that I don’t mind cooking everything except the 2 mentioned I told my family that business as usual, and then started with my plan. 

my plan was simple “if u can’t beat them tempt them”.

Since becoming vegan I gradually learned to prepare tasty vegan foods which are also super nutritious and whenever anyone is hungry there is a lovely choice of vegan food.

meat and dairy products are there too  – but since the vegan food is so tempting and new and different many times they find themselves opting vegan by choice-and not by force.

I make tons of salads, vegan burgers, grilled veggies, vegan ice cream, vegan buns and cakes- and the only milk in the house- again by choice- is soy milk- which means that smoothies and coffee -are vegan too.


I believe that gradually I shall conquer them and they too will understand the multiple benefits of veganism and in the mean time we can live in peace and harmony which is important  too.

enjoy- the cooliflower.





they’re as cold as ice

anyone who makes smoothies and shakes on a regular basis knows that you need to consume it shortly after preparation’ otherwise you will witness a very unpleasant transformation occurring from yummy bright-colored food-into gray matter of some kind.

this is why you cannot make your shakes ahead for the week.

or can you?

I love my morning smoothies, do not have a blender at work, and since I spend some time at lunch time cutting my salads at work i happen to think fussing over breakfast as well  is a bit too much.

I decided to try to make my smoothies ahead and freeze them .

this is my process:



freeze ripe bananas-even the really soft ones are fine for freezing though you need to understand that when you take them out of the freezer- no thawing is supposed to be involved , or else they will not resemble the bananas you used to know. they will be a mushy mess-so just use immediately as you take out of the freezer.

*I keep my freezer  bananas cut to halves , and before putting them in a zip-lock bag I lay them on parchment paper in the freezer for a few hours that way they don’t cling desperately to each other .

to 4  frozen  bananas I add a cup of  soy milk,  3 handfuls of spinach,  a handful or 2 of blueberries/chocolate powder depending what i feel like at that moment,  1 tbsp chia seeds, a handful of oatmeal , 2-3 medjhool dates and a cup or 2 of vega-one.

you can definitely make these smoothies without the vega one, and this not an add for them*(just reminding my disclaimer click the link to read it again-discla).


I blend everything in my vitamix , if more liquid is necessary then i add cold water, and then i pour the blender’s content to 5 disposable coffee cups that have lids to match and off they go to the freezer-each work day i pack one of these n my cooler and after a an hour at work they are good to eat. i add 1-2 tbsp of grounded flax seeds -and voila.

enjoy! cooliflower.


Being frugal : Learning to do my own nails

Why bother?




  If you are one of those people-like me- that became vegan  not because you dislike the taste of meat –poultry –fish, but because of ethical reasons, than you might, like me, find yourself from time to time, missing that sensation of chewing on something , well, something meaty-there is no nicer way to say it.

Well I found out that these protein packed lovelies can give you than feeling. I also think that once you nail tofu draining and cooking-it can have somewhat of a similar effect, though these babies are so cheap, colorful, nutritious and easy to cook- well you get my drift.

There are many many kinds of beans and  out there-all beautiful and cheap, keep tons of time in the pantry, freeze well once cooked and can be used in so many ways..

Here is a picture of my jars – these are on my kitchen counter- not only because they are such beauties but also to make them accessible as possible, and so before I leave to work at 5 am – and suddenly feel like making a new batch of fried chickpeas or red beans stew- I can pour these from the jar to the cooking pot , cover with water (give them 10 cm of  extra water ) and let them wait for you to come back from work and cook them.



Now about cooking them- I simply change the soaking water (of course I save the soaking water  to water the plants- why not??) pour fresh water to cover and then some and put to boil. No salt or baking soda involved –no need in my opinion.

Some beans are quicker than the others- not all beans  were created the same- mong beans are way too quick for me personally, so when cooking them I am alert as a watch dog.

It’s a good idea to check on the beans every 10 minutes to see how they are doing and maybe they need company.

They usually get foamy at some stage, don’t worry just scoop the white foam to your kitchen compost bin and carry on with your life ,not before you steer the beans and check if they are ready, it should take about an hour –depends on the tipe of beans , on how old they were and how much time they  were soaked.

Once cooked –and I do hope you batch cooked because-why not? – let them cool and freeze them- unless you are about to use them right away, this is because ,well, they don’t like to be in the refrigerator so they fight back and get all gooey and smelly.

Freeze in portions you need for everyday use- so you can take them to work –to use as your bean/legume part in the three parts salad you make- or in stews like this one. (yes I know that these are brown lentils on top –the beans are under the vegetables- it’s your choice whether to believe me  or not.



Thanks for joining- see u later- the cooliflower.

Disclaimer:  Please remember that this blog contains my personal thoughts .  I am not affiliated with anyone and do not get paid for writing content on this blog. i am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog ,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk-and at your own responsibility.I may manage/change the content on this blog .Please leave hatefull remarks out of this blog .  

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who is the wise-ass vegan and what is this blog about?

I work a full time at an office job , am a mother of 3, spouse of 1 , a vegan for  5 years now , a very organized and frugal vegan for the past 3 , and a wise ass for many .

I have been approached many times by people who tell me that if only someone cooked for them, or if only they didn’t have to work, or if only they had more money –they would definitely go vegan.

They all say they believe in animal rights, they order an occasional vegan dessert at restaurants , and all of them, when they see me at the office cutting my salads at lunch time –sigh and say-I wish I had the time for all of this-it looks and smells great..

Being vegan has saved me a lot of money, plenty of time, made me healthier, I look better, I look younger , I am fit- I run a few miles twice a week, swim 1.5 kilometers in 45 minutes once a week and do power yoga , Pilates and some weight lifting 3 times a week, and although I am a truly cynical person, I feel good. *(please have another look at my disclaimer now: I am not a nutritional/health/ medical or any other kind of expert as far as this blog’s contents are concerned-please do not regard my thoughts as any kind of advice-I am simply sharing my own experience –should you decide to try it out- you are at your own risk) .

On this blog I will share my tips and tricks on how to get everything done-though keeping an office job- be organized, eat well, dress well , keep your house clean and tidy, save water and cut waste -and all of this- while not hurting any living creature .

*For personal reasons, at this point I will be using a pen name (cooliflower) and will not share photos of myself-maybe this will change, maybe not. All the photos I will share are taken by me- of my food plates-and stuff I use .

I am not affiliated with anyone, this blog is not financed by anyone and this is all my content- or contents from other blogs I liked- and I shall link to.

20170326_121904 (2)

.(Lunch at work- a plate of organic vegetables and legumes as a quick example-many shall follow)

join me on this journey- the cooliflower.




Please remember that this blog contains my personal thoughts .  I am not affiliated with anyone and do not get paid for writing content on this blog.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog ,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk-and at your own responsibility.

I may manage/change the content on this blog .

Please leave hatefull remarks out of this blog .