There’s always an alternative way to go.

Look at this picture of the cow and her calf ( I mean- I don’t know for sure that it’s hers, maybe she’s a calf snatcher, but they seemed comfortable together and wow so cute -I just had to stop my run and take a picture for all of you. I knew it would be much appreciated.)


The other day I was taking a shower, alas when I reached for the soap bottle, I realized it was empty.

In case you are thinking: “serves you right for procrastinating changing the bottle!” -I can tell you this soap bottle weighs some grams, enough for me not to be sure when it’s finished and when it’s “on the verge but can still give it a go at the last minute”.

So there you go- this is a true dilemma in a person’s life- do you go out of the shower, drip all over the floor, get the bottle, and use the soap?

Or do you forgo soaping and just wash with plain water? (Ummm-no way. lately, I discovered my youngest son is #NOPOO-meaning- to my horror- that he doesn’t use shampoo. at. all. I mean all those times I called after him “and don’t forget to wash your hair!” and he replied: “sure!”- was that just a sham-poo??? I can’t chillax about it, sorry).

There was the option of using my son’s soap bottle- (now that I think about it- why am I so sure he uses soap?? he swore that he does- but does that mean anything after the poo sham??)- but I didn’t like that idea either- because he uses (uses?really?) a soap that is scented in a “men’s scent”- and don’t go jumping gender talk on me- you know what I mean).

So I stoically thought of the alternative- I screwed open the bottle’s cap, and filled the empty bottle with shower water, then shook the soap bottle like a cool teenager hiphopper, then used the soapy water to soap myself thoroughly.

That was quite a good shower I can tell you that.

And it happened before the world climate summit in Glasgow even began!

Now just imagine what would happen if people all of a sudden decided each would just do the best he -she can- both at home +at work -to be responsible -maybe there wouldn’t be any need for lots of politicians to gather and make statements.


I was getting ready to make my morning porridge-(you know- the 0.5 cup oats, 2 tbsp ground flax, 1-2 tbsp homemade apple sauce, 1 cup warm water, 0.3 cup soy milk-maybe more- depends- a little salt- and a tbsp of date spread or agave syrup- cooked in a pot for 2 minutes- that one)-when I discovered my designated pot was in the fridge holding my cabbage stew from yesterday.

Since I have a small kitchen- and what with Glasgow and all that- I have only one small pot -and a few others for soup and pasta- significantly larger.

They weren’t vacant either- I was soaking chickpeas and stuff.

The thought of getting something else to eat did cross my mind- but when it was done crossing it went away because I love my porridge in the morning after workout.


So without hesitation, I took a frying pan and cooked my porridge in that. BAM.

Looks strange?

Don’t worry- it got together in the end.

The last thing I want to say is this-

If you happen to go swimming, and once you get to the pool showers you discover inconveniently that you happened to forget your shower flip-flops- and now of course you’ll catch all the strange foot disease people bring to the pool showers

Well, I can tell you I put my socks on and took a shower with my wet socks on-and had to drive home sockless- but also-probably-fungus free.

Apparently, there’s always an alternative way- look at that cow and her calf.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

My sudden FITBIT popularity. (???)

I already told you I own a Fitbit Inspire 2 watch, and I use it to track my workouts and get much needed moral support and slacking tracking.

Here is link to my previous post: Fitbit Inspire2 : was it worth buying?

I also told you a long time ago that I am a class A introvert- meaning no Facebook/tiktok /whatever- I did have an Instagram account back in the days when I started this blog, and thought more people would hear about my writing.

Bear in mind that aside from my daughter- none of my family /friends read what I write- and can’t accidentally find it either- since I do not reveal my identity here- having every intention of writing the truth without any fears -including all kinds of stuff about office politics, friends, my mother, etc.

All the above was essential information needed in order to comprehend the total and utter astonishment I am experiencing the past few months- being flooded with dozens of people sending me “friend requests” on Fitbit.

You’ve probably guessed by now that neither my photo nor any other revealing information is out there on the Fitbit App- I certainly hope their promise that neither weight nor height or workout I logged are being spread around the world as we speak.

Which does raise the question-

Why are these people so eager to be my friends???

I do workout quite nicely- I admit- I am retired and do not have anything going on so working out is really nice-plus I do like the endorphin rush when I finish a good workout- and the feeling I did do something useful with myself- on days that workout isn’t so great.

The thing is- these people are not in on this information supposedly- I don’t share my workouts with anyone, and don’t boast about my “10 hours sleep like a rock last night guys!!!”- mainly because I never sleep for 10 hours, and at my age sleeping like a rock is a non option anyway.

So what is it then?

*Are people in this world that desperate for friends that they would compromise on a total stranger who happens to own a Fitbit watchknowing full well that’s the only thing they have in common with?

*Is this actually the new meaning of friendship? I don’t need to know you, I don’t need to know anything about you or your life-in fact- these are distractions from the real deal- the fact that we both own the same brand of fitness watch makes us BFF’s forever?

*Maybe this method isn’t so bad after all??

Maybe the mere fact that I bought a certain watch is as good a sign as any sign for “casablanca’s: this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship”?

Because- come to think of it- what exactly consists as a good tell tales of a long lasting friendship?

In my experience it’s basically a matter of decision- meaning that if you decide to stick through bad times -you can last forever-and vice versa.

So you can just as well decide that “fate” had these people buy the same watch- and thus you shall all be great friends forever and ever.

I do wonder.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

“Why not go to paris to buy a Chanel bag”?

So this morning I saw a WhatsApp message my friend sent me last night(I change to flight mode” at 18:00. no desire for any kind of interaction after 18:00. told you I go to sleep early- around 20:00.

She wrote:” want to go to paris with me in november so I can buy the Chanel bag I want?”

I started laughing.

Then I laughed some more- well- because I felt I was watching Audrey Hepburn in “breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

This was ridiculous.

I mean- come on.

But- she was serious.

This doesn’t mean she was getting me the ticket or anything of the sort- each woman on her own- but both chasing the holy grail-the almost 10k $ Chanel bag.

So- when she called the next morning to see if i’m game or not- I told her that I am most thankful for the kind invitation, but she should find someone else to go with.

She said she thought it would be fun, and I had to admit that it might have been, but for the time being I am not into going away.

In case any of you are worried I let her down and now she won’t have the precious bag, let me assure you that she quickly found another friend who agreed to go along.

I got thinking about the situation though-

I wondered what went inside my friend’s head when she decided she should ask me to go with her.

I mean I thought she knew I don’t go on shopping trips even where I live- let alone go abroad for the sole purpose of buying a bag.

Well- I guess I needed to remind myself that I wasn’t always this frugal- far from it- I used to make sure I had the right clothes for work, shoes , jewelry, etc, and also- I cannot deny going a couple of times to a pampering spa hotel for a few days, where all we did was lie around the pool , eat very luscious meals and go to 4 hands massages.

I did all that, I believe the statute of limitation is going to get me off the hook here- since these extravagant excursions took place more than 10 years ago, but surely there was no place for me to be so surprised I was invited on another luxurious trip, even if -in my opinion- I am the symbol of frugality.

Then I wondered whether although I laughed (out, loud)I infact did want to go- or was just a bit jealous of her ability to go on such a trip and buy such a bag.

I think that if I want to be perfectly honest here- maybe I am a bit jealous.

Don’t get me wrong- I don’t sit around thinking about how much money my friends have, but on the very rare occasions that reality wakes me up- I do wonder what my life would have looked like if I kept working instead of retiring, and got a higher ranking job (which I’m guessing I could get but not for sure).

I certainly have enough, I try- and most of the time succeed- to lead a simple life, and I am very happy with the path I chose- no more work, no more anxiety and office politics, no more responsibilities- followed by a conscious decision I’ve been following for the past few years- to try and save -but not suffer.

I went to India a couple of years ago- to a yoga retreat in an ashram in rishikesh-here is the link to the post :2-week Intensive yoga course in India-full and honest review!

+5 tips that made my trip to India so great!

And before that I went to volunteer in Guatemala with “Ninos de guatemala”,and those were meaningful trips though non-luxurious- and that is the understatement of the universe.

Here are the links to the post about that trip- Vegan and frugal in Guatemala-my month in antigua (and a side note on traveling alone).נ

+How to “travelight” :a month in Guatemala with only a standard carry-on duffel bag??

I think that as time passes- I am even more sure that if I should decide to go abroad some day- It will have to be a meaningful trip such as one of the above.

Because these trips left me with so many memories and adventures, that no pampering hotel could ever match.

Still-it would have been nice to have lots and lots of money to go on both kinds of trips-luxurious -and meaningful- right?

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

How a phone call taught me a lesson.

So as it happens, my Vitamix is showing some signs of weariness .I’ve had it for ten years now, working full power every day, it can still make a smoothie but finds the nut butters etc a bit more challenging, so I decided it’s OK to get a new one.

I feel like an apology is in order, because it still works, and gives 60% of what it can give, so why can’t I just wait until it is a complete wreck?

Well, because:

#1. I use my Vitamix every day- literally every day- to make smoothies, banana ice cream, crushed nuts, grind flax seeds, grind oatmeal, and I think that’s about it.

#2. as I said- it CAN function- but on a first base level only- I need to pre-cut the frozen bananas to small rings before placing in the device, and making ice cream has become quite n ordeal -small quantities, full stopping in the middle for a tactical rest, and chunks of frozen bananas left ungrinded.

#3. since I know what a great device it actually is- I find it double frustrating to be able to use only 60% of it’s qualities.

It’s Funny though-

Sort of the “good child dilemma”-

once you’ve established yourself as “good”- you shall forever be expected to be as good- or maybe even better- thus being reprimanded for any less than perfect behaviour- while other members of the family will happily get away with practically everything.

So anyway- I ordered a new one online, and it was supposed to be here in a week.

Alas- nothing, zero, zilch.

I deliberately didn’t call the company, I can’t really remember what principle I was making, but sure enough I was making some kind of point, and getting myself worked up about it, too.

So when I finally made the necessary call to understand the delay-I admit- I had “a tone”.

You know- that “I am very unhappy with your service” tone.

The young person from customer service on the other side of the line didn’t seem to be very impressed by my “tone”, and that made me -admittedly- even snappier.

The thing is, after a quick check- he realized I absentmindedly mixed the numbers of my phone number when I made the reservation- so the delivery company couldn’t reach me and make the delivery.


You should have seen my face.

Oh the embarrassment.

I couldn’t find a ladder to step down from my pompous righteous tone, so I just mumbled- ”well, thank you then, glad to hear it will be here shortly now!”, and put the phone down,

I think these moments of complete and utter humiliation are the best teachers possible- for me at least.

No success has ever taught me as much as failures did.

This one has taught me to be careful and double check my facts before pulling “the tone” and “the attitude” on anyone, just in case it turns out to be be my fault after all.

From experience-the higher you climb on your righteous ladder- the higher you’ll need to climb down ….

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

When life gives you a lemon-use it!

Some things are just perfect-

Yes, I mean it.

I know some of the times I may come across as a cynic, and yet.

I believe everybody- even the cynics- know deep down in their hearts that perfection is out there, wandering about, waiting to be recognized, acknowledged, and welcomed.

Perfection may not be unanimous though-

To one person it might be a beautiful painting.

To another- exquisite sculpture .

To a music lover- perhaps Beethoven’s 3rd symphony, and another may totally disagree and say its Schubert’s 5th, or Rachmaninoff’s 2nd or 3rd piano concerto. perhapes Chopin?

Maybe it’s Led Zeppelins’ “lemon song”?

Speaking of lemons.

They are the perfect fruit.


Healthy, tasty, nutritious, flavorful.

Great for sweet-and sour dishes, add that “thing” that many times a perfect dish is lacking, perfect.

But you can use all of the lemon, not waste a shred.

The lemon zest adds great taste and power to many “cheese ” cakes (meaning- both for actual cheesecakes and the vegan version of cheesecake)-

Here is link to a previous post of mine- When life gives you organic lemons-make “cheese” cake with them!

But if you happen to have a wood cutting board, then there is another useful way to squeeze the last drop of lemon.

I have a trio of wood cutting boards, because I do not wish to use the same cutting board for meat and garlic and onions and fruit.

By the way- this is definitely not how they look now- that is the way they looked on their first day here, which was quite some time ago.

Still- I don’t want the boards to look and smell like whatever was just cut on them, so whenever I finish squeezing a lemon I take out one cutting board, sprinkle some coarse salt on it, and use the leftover squeezed half lemon to scrub the salt all over the board, then rinse the salt off, and let the board dry.

This method does not substitute the regular post use wash of the board– after every use I rinse and scrub with soapy water, but since I cannot always orchestrate the board washing with having leftover squeezed lemons, and since I will not have a pile of leftover lemons lying around my small kitchen “waiting to be used” ( my kitchen is way too small for those “waiting to be used one day” things. if it ain’t used right now- it goes to the compost bin. sorry.).

So my solution to this situation was simple-

I clean the boards after each use with dish soap and water, and when I have a leftover squeezed lemon- I do another clean up for one of the boards.

Here is a link to why this is a valid method :

Also- this is the board holder(cupboard? as in literally?)my partner made from wood pallets we found. and painted blue. 

Using every part of a good fruit-even it’s skin. 

That is perfection. 

This- and Brahms’ 4th symphony. 

Enjoy- the cooliflower. 


My favourite Whatsapp button.

First, I want to thank the Whatsapp inventors , because for me, as a class A introvert, the fact that I don’t actually have to speak with people- is such a treat.

I do 90% of my (almost non-existent ) daily communications -through Whatsapp- and prefer short , distant texts to “warm and heartfelt “phone calls- every time.

I don’t like talking on the phone- or face to face with people -because I know people do not appreciate hearing the truth . and the reason I know this. is because I have absolutely no desire to hear the truth either.

And I never mastered the art of “small talk”- or “fake emphatic talk” because I am an introvert and small talks and fake talks are similar to learning another language for me, and I need to tell you , in case you were unaware of the fact, that as you “mature”, your skills set does not develop.

Quite the opposite happens-to say the least.

As my grandmother used to say-“can’t teach an old monkey new tricks”.

I also have no patience for people who talk too much.

I think I deliberately chose a cheap phone just so I have the ultimate excuse to terminate phone calls by saying “this phone! can’t hear you properly! this phone isn’t built for talking!”

*There are exceptions -some conversations are very important to me-when one of my kids needs me to be there for them, or when I need to cheer my mother up .

But on a day to day basis-my relationship with Whatsapp is very good- I appreciate the huge benefits, and they have no idea who I am.

I mean- I could do without the “funny ” jokes sent by certain people ,certainly could do very well without that “group option” which for some strange reason encourages certain people to express themselves freely on the expense of innocent people.

But other than that- very rewarding.

And the best feature?

The “delete for everyone” button.

I really cannot recount how many times I wrote something I desperately felt was too much-uncalled for- unnecessary- the truth- not funny-

And wanted to take it back.

So I learned to be quick about it.

If you regret what you wrote in a 2 seconds time frame- you can”delete for everyone” almost 70% of the rubbish you wrote.

The only problem is-

They still haven’t managed a button that deletes the mere existence of a previous text, so sometimes you find yourself helplessly trying to explain what it was that you decided to delete.

Come on-WhatsApp engineers-

I know you can do it- make it possible for people like me to take back unnecessary comments without leaving any traces.

I believe in you people.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

Autumn. cinnamon.

It is supposedly autumn here.

It’s just so hot it’s quite idiotic to be celebrating autumn.

Because autumn-for me- is a celebration.

I can’t stand the heat, the blinding sun, the fatigue and weariness that go hand in hand (in my case?) with this heat.

Sure- the abundance of fruit and quick hot shower water are nice- but-seriously? my neighbours are constantly celebrating the “nice weather” ( almost 40 degrees Celsius, that’s around 100 Fahrenheit) by making loud noises of sorts, and I happen not to enjoy turning on the AC because I have to have my windows open all the time to get fresh air, psychological probably, yet there.

I do my best to keep cool -and I do mean in every sense of the word, by drinking lots of water, taking super quick 1 minute showers 4 times a day, and keeping the ceiling fans on 24/7. bless whoever invented those.

And yet-

I celebrate autumn.

My garden, and myself, are tired of this summer.

And I did my best to water both.

So how do I celebrate autumn?

By telling you about my cinnamon sticks habit, naturally!

I put 1 cinnamon stick -not the powder- in my hot water drinking bottle-

pour 2 cups of boiling water, and wait for at least 30 minutes for the cinnamon to infuse the water with its sweet taste and nice brownish color.

Absolutely no need (!1!) to add any sugar or tea bags or anything!

I know- this ame as a total surprise for me too- but apparently the cinnamon has some component that sweetens the infused water. naturally that is.

Here is a link to all the scientific benefits -and there are many:


Benefits aside of those?

Cinnamon sticks are very beautiful- you have to admit!

They are relatively cheap-I saw on iHerb 453 grams of organic sticks for 13$- mind you you need only 1 stick a day so these 13$ can go a very long way- maybe even last the whole winter.

I buy in bulk- and keep in a tightly closed glass jar-because they are so pretty, and thus having a constant reminder of the habit.

I checked online- and from what I read- cinnamon infused water do not break intermittent fasting- if you are into that. (I am-and the sweet tate kind of had me worried -so I checked).

But- as usual- do your own research when it comes to important stuff such as your health and your money.

Happy autumn-drink lots of healthy fluids- and enjoy-the cooliflower.

Instead of Botox (part 2)

First- my usual disclaimer- I am no health registered anything, not a medical specialist, Nor a skin advisor, never worked in Sephora and don’t wear any make up.

So why listen to anything I have to say?

Well because I have a lot of free time , I am very interested in finding the best ways for leading a healthy life in a strong body , and I like sharing my results with you on this blog.

All the above means that as usual- you need to use your brain and decide- as with everything else in your lives- what advice and tips you want to take with you, and what you will gladly forget as soon as you’re done reading this post.

Now to the post.

I hope you read part 1 last week- if not- feel free to go read it- I’ll wait.

So how do you manage without Botox?

#1. Drink less alcohol- more water.

you’ve probably heard this before- but from my personal experience- it’s true. the best way to take good care of your skin- is by taking care of what you put inside your body.

This starts with proper hydration -and I don’t mean sugary sodas and/or any kind of alcohol.

Actually -in my experience- alcohol dehydrates your body- thus your skin, plus leaves it looking a bit grayish, whereas water is free, tasty, and -well= hydrating.

#2. If you are a smoker- please try to quit/limit your smoking -it has a significant influence on your facial skin! here is a link to one of many articles on this:

#3. exercise! getting your heart pumping amd body moving is a great way- in my experience- to get a healthy look -in your face. ( pun intended).

#4. facial exfoliating.

I don’t use any fancy scrubs or what not- just my towel. be careful if you have delicate skin or any skin condition that requires special care and no scrubbing or exfoliating.

Also -I immediately follow with #5:

#5: hydrating cream! I use a cheap 17$ brand , and it does a good enough job for me. oh- and my cream has a 30 SPF , because I live in a hot country, thus remembering #6:

#6: limit sun exposure- I wear a hat when I go out after 9 AM , always have that #5 sunscreen included facial cream on, I do not go sunbathing , and I regret those long hours I used to lie in the sun when I was a teenager- because these years bite you back after 45.

#7. Hyaluronic acid serum : I use it once a week- I think it makes somewhat of a difference- in my opinion- and on my face- but again- do whatever you want.

#8. losing a lot of weight can result in skin sagging and wrinkles-I’ve seen it happen to family and friends. please fuel your body properly to stay healthy- and have great looking skin too.

#9. I understood a while ago- I look much better smiling than pouting.

#10. rest well! so important!

#11. The best tip of all- I accepted that this is the way I look now- and that more wrinkles will join the current ones, and that’s ok. I think.

I’ll let you know if I change my mind.

Enjoy – the cooliflower.

Instead of Botox?(part 1).

So I turned 53 this week, and I thought this is a great time to share my encounter with the ultimate fountain of youth- Botox .

As usual- I remind that I am no dermatologist or health instructor or registered dietitian or registered anything- except an early retired lawyer who happens to believe in doing everything you can to promote leading a healthy strong life as long as possible.

So what does the above have to do with Botox?

Well about 6 years ago, while working as a mini boss at a very demanding job, my sister told me about her botox routine and asked if I didn’t think it was time to get rid of my constant frown line -the deep line on my nose bridge, between my brows-you know- the one that makes you look constantly unhappy about things.

She told me her doc was a pro- and I went. he was great, it took seconds, and after a few days, the frown I had for years- was almost gone.

Not only that- but my droopy eyelids were suddenly back in place- making me look younger- and better- to say the truth.

It didn’t hurt- but it did feel strange.

I mean- really strange. for me- personally- I mean.

Perhaps other people feel great, and don’t experience the need to move their eyebrows all the time as if they were actors in a 40’s silent movie- but I , evidently, do.

That is probably the reason I got that frown line to begin with- my excessive need to portray my feelings using my facial expressions.

I have to say- that not only did I look younger+better , this no frown line look was very useful at work- since now- as the new ice queen -nobody could tell if I were upset or bothered by their suggestions- which proved to be a useful “poker face” tactic.

So there I was- torn between the tactical advantages of -for the first time in my life- having a “poker face” , plus-of course let’s not forget- looking younger and better- and the urgent need to move my brows and forehead- need that wasn’t met- to say the least.

I guess you know how Botox works by now- it “freezes”/numbs the area- for quite some time- I went once a year -for 3 years.

Until I retired -almost 3 years ago.

*I went once a year though I know people go every 3 months or so- that is what my sister does- but That was the compromise I found between the poker face and the hard time I had convincing myself to ignore all the studies stating that Botox isn’t exactly the healthiest thing around (do your research if it interests you- the facts are there- but facts cannot compete with people’s need to stay forever young and relevant).

I must admit -at first I thought to myself- why stop? I’m not getting younger, I want to look good even if I’m not going to meet a lot of people, (“I’m doing it for myself” excuse- I personally believe women who spend a lot of time and a lot of money “just for themselves”- it’s actually not for themselves- because I doubt they would take an hour to put on make up and do their hair if they were alone n the world- meaning they do it to feel safe in the way other people look at them. I know that’s the way I saw it- as a necessary weapon -needed in order to deal with my social awkwardness and insecurity. )

Apparently- when you look much better and you are “dressed for success”- you have more self confidence -thus significantly increasing the chances of actually succeeding .


So now I’ve gone almost 3 years without Botox-

My worry line is back.

So are my droopy eyelids.

And I understand that’s the way it’s going to be.

My body is aging.

I will have more wrinkles, my rear end will aspire for ground level, my whole body feels heavier, and I get tired early- and that’s ok.

I pass the mirror and try to smile- because I learned I look so much better when I smile rather than pout.

Stay tuned for part 2.: what I actually do instead of Botox.


Enjoy- the cooliflower.

The scouring pad triple use method!

Triple use??what??


Actually-I think I just found another use- meaning 4 separate and different ways to use the same scouring pad! isn’t this amazing?

I know this isn’t the most important subject considering the covid and global warming and what not- but-

I am an introvert, therefore I think the best way for me- personally- is to try and make the best effort rather than participate in marches and public protests.

And making the best effort means- reusing and recycling anything I can.

For example- this post: Wood pallets 4 ways: a true frugal wonder!

As for reusing-

This is what this post is all about.


I need to tell you that I went through life as an adult without fully understanding the importance of changing your dishwashing scouring pad once a week and keeping it clean and protected through that week.

I used to change my scouring pad only when it showed evident signs of wear and tear. and keep it lying around on the kitchen surface near the sink.

Then I evolved and bought a metal thing that holds the scouring pad, and has holes in it- so the the pad won’t stay wet and get mouldy.

What I neglected to understand, was that all the excess water from the pad, was forming a swamp on the bottom of the holder.

Once I realized that ( I am not going into any details of how I found out and the encounter with the swamp)

I realized I need to wash the bottom of the holder at least every other day, so the holder-and the pad will stay clean, and change the pad every week, because bacteria does like damp sponges.

Why bother you ask?

Well, because that is what supposedly cleans your dishes- as in what you eat of- and even in non-pandemic life- it better be clean. very clean.

But what about the environment?

What-throw away able and functioning scouring pads?



#1: the regular dish washing. for a week.

#2: kitchen counters and sink cleaner. squeeze the pad and put it next to the sink, and every day-clean the countertops and sink with it. first drizzle some dish soap and warm water on it- then scrub. (if your kitchen counter is delicate or doesn’t like scrubbing- then don’t.

Why? because you don’t want tp use the same sponge for your dishes and for cleaning your sink.

#3: when the next sponge is free- the following week- move your sink cleaner over to your bathroom, and use it to clean over there.

#4: when another week ges by and you -again- change sponges- move the previous bath sponge to it’s last adventure- toilet cleaner.

For obvious reasons- from there- it will get thrown away.


instead of one use only- you get a quadruple use for each scouring pad+ clean surfaces around the house!

Now that’s definitely environmental in my opinion.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.