I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

I just turned 54, and the past year was quite challenging.

Yes, I am aware I am retired, actually have been for the past 3.5 years, but menopause evidently sticks to you even when you retire.

I had gained about 10-12 pounds during that time, and all of them -astoundingly- did not concentrate on my earlobes, but on my midsection. (only fitting, midlife midsection issue).

For a very long time, I was able to ignore the pressing feeling (well-pun intended), then came my annual blood test results- which concluded a rise in my cholesterol levels- here is the link to my previous post addressing this: About that coconut oil.

I was able to tell myself I would just stop using coconut oil and all vegan kinds of butter and cheeses that use it- but then- my partner retired, and discovered that he is a talented cook: he makes all the meat-fish-poultry dishes now for him, and my son (which is a great relief for me since I check the flavor of all food I make before serving- and those dishes went to the table un-checked- which I consider bad cooking, but excuse me there’s a limit).

The thing is- he can apparently bake very well too- and started baking all kinds of pita bread and buns and you really can’t eat those without something nice to spread on them- so just a bit of vegan butter can’t hurt and there went that first decision.

Also- I want to say that apparently, I was quite daft believing him for all these years when he claimed to have no affiliation to the kitchen when the truth was I should have let him do all the cooking for the past 22 years.

Then- my Fitbit showed a slow but steady rise in my BPM- resting heart rate is used in the device to measure your fitness level- the lower your score- the better off you are.

My BPM went up to an all-time high of 67, and I still did my best to ignore it.

The wake-up call came at the beginning of April when we went on few hour hike and my partner took a lot of pictures of me and our son running around, and sure enough- as all of these stories go -so does mine.

I saw my picture running and I almost didn’t recognize myself.

I looked exhausted, heavy, nothing like what I thought I look like.

Now I am aware people get irritated by this kind of talk- and I appreciate the fact that some people may think I am trying to stay young and do not accept the facts of life- meaning- packing on weight in the midsection as we pass middle age- this is fine by me. I do not encourage anyone to do anything. as always- do whatever you want- just be happy.

I don’t think my way of thinking is better or prettier or anything more than other people’s opinions on the subject.

I am writing this blog to share my own experience, my own thoughts, and decisions- and for the next few weeks- I will share my decision to battle that midlife midsection change– because I personally don’t believe it’s a must-have, and I don’t believe it does my body and my workout routine any good-on the contrary.

As it happens- my Fitbit data agrees.

So I started learning more on the subject of perfecting a whole food plant-based way of eating -and the results will be shared with you in the next post.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

Published by wiseassvegan

an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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