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A few weeks ago, my partner came up with quite a genius idea that can save a lot of hassle for many of us intimidated by changing a flat tire, a zero-cost full-proof stunt that can be a game changer- for the changing game. (ok. that’s enough of that).

I immediately thought of all of you- my devoted readers and took the relevant photos and now- am going to disclose the instrument.

I present to you- “the hollow stick”!

This hollow aluminum post is a long-forgotten relic of a long-forgotten trampoline we had in our garden, the nets were a total loss after a few years in our harsh weather, and the kids grew up, and like lots of other enthusiastic hopes of mutual fun+excersize gadgets- the trampoline was dismantled -but I did keep the hollow posts-I used it as a trellis post for my tomatoes and cucumbers, and as part of the fence I put up in front of our house.

I believe these hollow aluminum posts can be found anywhere- just start looking around- you’ll need one that will fit in the trunk of your car- like so:

Now I am fully aware that it looks like something out of Tony Soprano’s car, but don’t worry- this hollow post couldn’t be of real help to him if he “wanted to oppress a “waste management” constructor”.
(Wow-I loved that show- back when I used to watch TV – it was so people-focused, so realistic, and the directing and acting-in my humble opinion were works of art).

Whereas– it will be of hugggggeee help to you if you happen to get stuck with a flat tire.

The reason is- the most difficult part of changing a tire in my opinion- is unscrewing the current tire screws.

I will have you know I jumped on the leverage jack itself- it wouldn’t budge for a very long time, actually- about 80% of the time I spent on the whole changing process.

Here is the link to my old post where I bragged about it:Is being a clueless woman actually a virtue?? (Bridget Jones as a test case)

Why does it have to be hollow? because it acts as an extension of the (relatively short) wrench that is supplied with the car jack. meaning the supplied short wrench needs to fit inside the post snuggly -not too loosely otherwise you might break the wrench using force.

Listen- I tried unscrewing the car screws without the new post extension- and with it- its went from an almost no-go situation- to an easy-go situation. that’s how big the difference is.

Now, why do you need to measure the post so it will fit in your car trunk? well because you don’t want it rolling around under your car seats driving you out of your mind.

OK- now for a few quick tips on tire changing:(not expert-just things I’ve noticed!)

#1: learn how to change a tire right now! watch and save a youtube video that demonstrates how to, just in case. if and when a flat tire happens to you- the anxiety may cloud your better judgment- so try to familiarise yourself with the situation in advance, on your couch, not in pouring rain in the middle of the highway.

#2: Go check your car to see if you have everything you might need! first of all a spare tire in good condition+inflated(!) and the changing kit. don’t start rummaging around your trunk for the first time ever in that dire situation listed before.

#3. Do you happen to own an old bike air pump? the manual one? if you don’t use it currently-why not add it to the “just in case kit” in your car trunk? these will take 250% more time to inflate your tire- but beggers in dire situations cannot be choosers, and better start pumping air that crying in the rain. I’m my opinion anyway. theses may give you the extra few miles you need to get to a safer place to park and change the tire- or even a gas station.

#4: Don’t ever forget tip #1 in tire changing- your car has to stand on a flat space– never ever on a slope! once your car tires are lifted you don’t want the car to start rolling over your free style…

#5. (I didn’t know this one and it’s super important!) The car’s bottom has 2 designated spaces for the car jack to latch to.

What you need to do is when you go and check your kit’s whereabouts- try to find a gap -small one but evident- on the bottom of your car’s body- this space isn’t made of plastic- but of metal- so as not to accidentally break and harm you-mine is near the front tires. why is it important? because if you try and lift your car by attaching the jack to the car’s plastic frame-either the plastic or the jack might break-my neighbors broke their jack this way- so learn from their experience and not from your own…

#6: Go find that hollow post that fits the trunk of your car and the car wrench fits inside it.

Drive safely-you know what? better walk anyway…

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

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  1. I do have a spare bit of metal to fit over the do-dar to change the wheel hereabouts, somewhere, but here’s the thing: I’m with Greenflag at the moment and they do all that for you. I’ve not always been able to afford it, but while I can “Woohoo!” I love the reassurance of it. Oh wait, what if I don’t have a signal on my phone. {{{ponders the thought}}}

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