I already told you -about 90000000 times- what a stellar introvert I am.

I love staying at home, don’t mind being alone, and to sum this up I get anxious when I need to entertain people at home.

You might be asking yourself: “well then why should I listen to anything you have to say concerning entertaining???”

The answer is- because if you happen to be anything like me and the mere thought of having 5 or even 3 (ok- couple) of friends over gets your heart racing – then simple and focused entertainment is the only way to go.

And I happen to be available to tell you all about my tricks in the vegan department- not that I’m anywhere close to the Martha Stewart style- on the contrary- I keep everything simple and deliberately do not try and go overboard with the food and the plates- mainly because our house is small and I don’t own any “fancy” stuff, and I don’t have any wine glasses since no one at the household drinks alcohol anymore (I stopped a few years back -here is a link to my previous post on the subject- How I improved my blood works results).

So that’s the first “problem” I have- I don’t have alcohol at home so I don’t serve any- but my (2)friends know that and bring a bottle of wine they finish while here and everybody is happy.

Why is that a “problem”? because alcohol is usually #1 on the host’s list of “must serve so everybody will be smiling”, which means that if you have no issues with alcohol- and your guests don’t either- enjoy yourselves-and if you or one of your friends are avoiding any kind of alcohol fear not – I’ve got you covered.

Why vegan entertaining?

Well because if you happen to be vegan that’s probably your comfort zone, and even if not all your friends are- veganism is “a thing” now- so people like to “get the vegan experience” and “see what the hype is about”, plus it’s cheaper than the alternatives, easier to make and more environmental. If you’re not vegan-then why not learn a trick or two that might come in handy if and when you get a vegan friend? also, it’s healthy, nutritious, and cheap food so what’s the harm? no harm.

Tip #1: oh the mighty freshly baked bread!

People love freshly baked bread, so unless you happen to have no carbs no gluten guests- here is a link to a previous post where I tell you how I conquered the sourdough monster. The sourdough starter monster.

What to put next to it?? well- vegan butter is an option, olive oil too, pesto, tahini, and hummus are great just add some cut veggies on the side, and if you happen to have any olives- great!

Here are 2 links- to my tahini and hummus tricks:The tahini trick .+ The Hummus secrets!

#2: Soup- or salad?

if it’s autumn- or better yet- full-on winter- then one hearty soup or stew is all you need to entertain- especially if you happen to have the bread mentioned above to go along.

What kind of soup?? veggie soup, lentil soup, bean stew, you can even go wild and add a vegan sausage to the stew, and the whole stew will taste “heartier”, pea soup, corn chowder- whatever. can never go wrong with a freshly made soup when it’s chilly outside, it messes only one pot, and it’s super filling and nutritious.

Here are links to a post about your options: “Stone soup” 5 ways!+The perfect pea protein!

Summer? go salads, one big salad with a lot of fresh greens -and cooked stir-fried beans or lentils- can satisfy anyone -if accompanied by #3.

#3: Antipasti!

the Italians know what’s there to know about food- so they invented the ultimate dish- a variety of veggies cooked in the oven and drizzled with olive oil and some salt.

To shorten the baking time and save a little on the oil front: boil the potatoes before baking. they come out tender and yummy. add condiments- and serve next to the big salad with legumes- with a side of tahini from the first course. because tahini is yummy and healthy and goes great with salads and antipasti in my opinion.

#4: dessert: banana ice cream -with whatever you like!

People usually can’t believe this is vegan- because if your frozen bananas are ripe enough- they turn into a sweet creamy yummy texture that goes with just about anything you like: ground coffee, (coffee flavor) cocoa powder (chocolate flavor), frozen berries- wow, nuts, dates, coconut- add a little lemon peel or ginger- already upgraded.

#5: tea and a little something.

Yes- even in the summer- people seem to enjoy finishing their meal with green tea – I have herbs in my garden- they are easy to grow but also easy and cheap to buy. put these Medjool dates’ oranges and walnuts- and you are settled. in summer- summer fruit- grapes, apricots, etc.

What to serve instead of alcohol? I serve soda water with ice and lemon. that’s what I have and although I don’t mind my friends bringing over their wine and having it while we eat- I’d instead not buy and stock alcohol at the house. I remember my drinking times too fondly to be absolutely immune to it, and I know that in my case- moderation is a fiction not a reality.

The important thing I try to remember each time is that anxiety won’t get me anywhere, and my family and friends would probably rather have me relaxed and attentive- with simple food, rather than stressed and upset- with supposedly fancy food. (which I have no clue how to make anyway so).

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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