My mother is 78, and hates exercising.

At least she is consistent- she never liked working out. even as a teen she did everything in her power to avoid it, and sees no need to change her ways now.

She is also a smoker, started at 16, and kept going for 62 years. still enjoys it.

But- she likes going places-she is an avid art lover, knows a lot about art, and visits galleries often. until a few years ago- she traveled the world, looking for new and exciting places and exhibitions.

I love this about her, I love the fact that she has such a love for beautiful things, that she appreciates the fine arts, and enjoys it so much.

The thing is, for the past few years, her knee is acting up making it almost impossible for her to walk the distance she used to. Add the Covid -19 to this, and she rarely goes out of her house- and she is the ultimate extrovert: unlike me- she loves going out and meeting people, talking with friends, entertaining 20 people -etc.

I tried to convince her to go swimming- that is not only great exercise but also very easy on the knees-

She did go for a while, but now it’s winter here, and she says it’s too cold for her.

I tried making swimming more fun for her- I made a playlist of her favorites (Leonard Cohen, Yves montane, Bette Middler-you get the drift) and gave her my SYRYN waterproof pool friend MP3 with the earbuds to match, but to no avail. she returned it a week later, saying I should stop pressuring her to do things she can’t/won’t do.

She Is right by the way- so I stopped.

Though I’m still very concerned about her wellbeing. I still try and figure out ways to make it more fun for her to get going.

I am aware I sound a bit patronizing, but I am concerned about her health, she has gone through 2 surgeries in the past few years, and I believe the only way to be healthy is to exercise regularly and eat well.

*By the way- although I have been vegan for the past 8.8 years, and feel better than I ever did- I do accept that being vegan isn’t for everyone. I still think that striving to eat healthily can benefit everyone- carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian or vegan.

So a week ago I had this errand to run- I needed to send a package abroad, which meant I needed to go into town- the nearest town is a15 minutes drive from where we live, and with morning-midday- every hour traffic-getting to the center of town takes at least 30 minutes, then you need to find a parking space, pay for parking, run the errand then go through traffic again on the way home.

The thing is- maybe it’s just me- but I feel like people in traffic have become really annoying lately.

They are impatient, they honk with no reason to, they try to pass through illegally, making the whole standing in traffic thing a really bad experience for me.

So last week I decided to beat traffic:

I drove to town- but parked a few kilometers away from the center of town- a lot of free parking- and walked to the post office.

It took me 20 minutes, I really enjoyed it- I like walking, I put my earbuds on, listened to music, and didn’t hear the cars and the honking. I had my running shoes on, comfortable clothes and my mandatory water bottle, and on my way there- I could work on my introvert social anxiety concerning the “post office mission”.

I am aware this may sound strange if you aren’t an introvert, but I’m sure you can relate if you happen to be one.

Running errands, even simple ones, as an introvert, is a thing.

I need to prepare myself ahead, write down what I need, possible ways for things to go wrong, possible ways for me to solve those possible problems, and breath deeply before, during, and after.

Sitting in traffic and seeing everyone try and steal the light or lay their fists on the car horn, and then try to look for a parking space- doesn’t help my social anxiety, it worsens it.

But my 20-minute walk, listening to music, and getting straight to the post office with no parking problem at all was great.

I finished my errand, climbed back up the street (yes- going back wasn’t as fun- it was hotter and uphill all the way- but still better than sitting in traffic.

I thought later that this could be a good idea for my mother too- she lives in a big city, and running errands on foot could be a great reason for her to start walking, beating traffic, parking problems and most important- get some exercise.

Maybe if the walking isn’t done “for exercise” but “to get errands done” it might be more appealing to her.

I tried running this idea past her- she said she’ll try it.

I have a feeling that if she could sack me in the face she would, but I live quite far from her, so no smacks for now.

If you are an introvert and hate traffic and parking mess- and happen to have small errands to run (not groceries shopping, obviously, those I do online)- try parking a few kilometers away- and walking the distance.

You might enjoy it.

The cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.


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  1. I’ve started using the bus on the quiet times, the quiet routes to get some errands done. It’s been okay so far, but now that from Monday people in Wales will not have to wear masks I’m having serious second thoughts.

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