*If you happened to miss part 1-containing tips 1-3, no need to get upset, here is the link: My 6 tips for Intermittent fasting: part 1.

Before I start I want to remind you all again that I am not a dietitian, health expert, or anything remotely resembling any of the above. also I need to say that intermittent fasting is a personal choice that isn’t cut for everyone, and it involves hours of fasting when you may feel actual hunger– something that in our culture isn’t common.

Some may think that feeling hunger is unacceptable and some might even think it will do them more harm than good- in the sense that they might binge later to compensate.

Please- I encourage you to do your own research and make your own decision -on this matter- as well as in everything else in your lives.

In my opinion- every person on this planet should exercise his-her-their right to make independent decisions concerning their life choices, and this includes nutrition as well. the only thing I regret seeing is people who wave this right and believe others should be responsible for their own well-being.

Enough of the feminist hu ha -let’s get back to the tips, carved through endless mistakes I continue making- though much less than before.

tip#4: Learn to delegate authority:

That’s a big one for control freaks such as me.

I find it very disturbing to trust another person- any person- to do anything I see as “my responsibility”.

Go ahead: think “type A! “”controlling “”mind your language things concerning the part of your body where the sun don’t shine!”.

I am well aware of all that.

The thing is-

The young people I know- are so much smarter than trying to fight that-

The young members of generation ZZZ I happen to know- they let me be. let me run around thinking I control everything, let me achieve and do everything “exactly the way it needs to be done! my way or the highway!” and other bulls@#$ phrases- while they go enjoy some game-movie with their online friends.

They don’t mind- in fact- they really like the fact that I insist on doing everything.

My youngest is even smart enough to seem interested when I try to teach him “life skills” such as cooking pasta or an omelet.

He knows well enough the ordeal will be over much faster if he says: “oh, OK, got it, thanks mom” and then sneak back to his room, rather than getting into a tedious argument about future cooking robots and “SIRI, make me an omelet!” subjects.

The thing is- doing everything yourself is great until it isn’t.

Until you need some rest, some “me time”, you enter your “fasting zone” and need to sit one meal out of sight so you don’t challenge your (my) weak caricature and gobble down something that will compromise the way you decided is best for your body to feed on.

Then you find out you made the household people so dependent on you- that they can’t manage on their own, meaning you need to make food and serve it while fasting- a no go for moi.

It took me a lot of time to let go- but once I understood it isn’t doing anyone any good- I started releasing, a bit anyway.

I encourage every household member to try cooking from scratch- even if I have to clean up and shut up later concerning the results, and not say out loud:” Oh come on, just crack that egg into the pan already!” . just an example. doesn’t mean it even happened.

Tip #5: define your “weak hours” and brace yourself towards them.

Everybody has their “internal schedule”- whether they are early birds or night owls, whether they like to eat many small meals or one-two big means, sweet or savory people- etc.

I found out the hard way that between 3 and 5 Pm – that’s 3-5 hours after I stop eating for the day- I get the feeling that if I don’t eat something real soon- something unpleasant will happen.

I tried to ignore it -didn’t help, I tried to “eat only one small apple- one apple can’t hurt anyone” (don’t bring up snow white- I have enough to say about Disney movies and feminist frustration to last a few posts so not now) -one apple is fast compromising + for me -it never ends with the small apple- so no apple.

I found out that every 10 days or so – I get an irresistible urge to eat after my fast has already started- an urge that is more difficult for me to resist- psychologically- not physically- I have no idea why.

For now, I accept that this is the situation, and succumb to it, at first- feeling ashamed of my weak self, but now- #nomoreofthat, I accept that this is what I can do now, and eat in the afternoon.

What I realized is, that if I can track my “food urges” -I can contain it- meaning I don’t start self-sabotaging myself with binge eating or unhealthy stuff in the lines of “I already compromised the fasting, might as well celebrate like there’s no tomorrow”.

Turns out until now- tomorrow always came, and with it- the regrets and the bloating and lethargic feeling of not eating well.

Also, I noticed, that now that I tracked my hunger issues occurring every day between 3-5 Pm, I know I need to steer away from the “accidental” stroll near the kitchen, no cooking or food prepping in those hours, and I always keep a bottle of hot cinnamon tea next to me: helps ease the “hunger cues”.

The strange thing is- that once those hours pass- I seem to be fine- even more than fine- great! if stick to the cinnamon tea and ignore the so-called “hunger cues”- it simply passes- and I don’t even think about food until the next morning.

I don’t wake up in the middle of my sleep feeling hungry and can wait with breaking the fast a few hours, and even exercise while fasting- which is quite amazing- considering that 12 hours ago- I thought I “had” to eat or else.

I know I can only vouch for my own experience since I didn’t research this- but perhaps this will work for you too.

Tip #6: watch what you eat before your fast begins!

I found out that for me- eating something sweet- even fruit- before starting the fast- will result in a much more difficult time 3-5 hours after starting the fast, whereas eating something savory- or neutral-makes it less difficult in those hard enough hours.

My suggestion?

Popcorn made from scratch- is healthy, nutritious, full of fiber- thus keeping me full longer, and relatively low on calories (1 cup of popped popcorn gives you 25-30 calories and keeps my cravings at a decent level).

We recently bought this popcorn maker from Amazon- it’s a silicone bowl that can fold into itself, saving lots of space in my small kitchen, and you can microwave great tasty no oil popcorn in 4 minutes, no need to scrub a pot clean for hours and no foul smell around the house. also- much cheaper than those full of butter bags, both in calories and in price. (a bag of kernels costs about 2$ a kilo here and lasts at least a week).

Mind you I am not promoting any company- or Amazon for that matter- I paid full price (full 11 $) and don’t care if you buy it or not- as always- check what works for you.

I hope these tricks will help any of you struggling with intermittent fasting, it can be tough, it still isn’t easy for me -after quite a few years into that, but- the benefits- for me personally- have been huge, so I felt I needed to share what helps me.

Enjoy and please write in the comments if you have any other tips that might help others!

The cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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