First things first: the disclaimer- I am not a dietitian, nor a health expert, or anything even remotely close.

I am a health enthusiast, a huge believer in self-reliance and self-care, in preparing ahead instead of fretting later, and generally researching the important stuff in life- maintaining a healthy lifestyle that can enable me to enjoy early retirement.

And another thing before I start:

Intermittent fasting -for me- is a great way to maintain healthy eating, without the need to portion control.

The thing is- I love eating.

I mean really love eating. I enjoy the food I make, I love cooking, baking, making vegan healthy food is -for me- super fun, and every time I make something in my kitchen (that is- every day) I just have to taste it-you know- to make sure everything turned out fine.

Also – I find it really hard to stop eating before I feel completely full- and I do mean completely full. I do envy those moderate people that can leave food on their plate and say: “Oh- I’ve had enough”. I mean- there’s still food on your plate-how can you be done???

But- that’s me- If you are one of the blessed ones that can feel satiated and stop eating- you win, and maybe you don’t really need to exercise intermittent fasting, to begin with.

Intermittent fasting- for me- allows me to eat whatever I want, and how much I want- though not go overboard- because that can be harmful on its own.

It also has- or claims to have- a lot of other health benefits- So- intermittent fasting?? +My struggles with intermittent fasting.+How I improved my blood works results.

The thing is- I find it really difficult to manage food making for the household- with my scheduled fast.

I fast between 12 am and 7 am , meaning I pass the afternoon and evenings drinking cinnamon tea , and many many days- about 3-4 hours after I start my fast I tend to get really hungry.

I have absolutely no idea how people with young children manage Intermittent fasting- unless there is someone else at home who takes over the cooking -food preparation-or they have the strongest willpower out there.

My kids are grown -2 are out of the house already, and the teenager is easy to please, using the methods described in the following tips.


What are those tips already???

#1: Make sure you set your fasting hours in the most efficient way possible:

If you choose the common 16-8 fast, you naturally want to aim to include as many of those 16 hours fast during sleep time. for obvious reasons. this also means that the 4 hours before actual sleep, and 2 hours after waking up can be used to efficiently fast. again- for widely known reasons concerning the need not overload your digestive system before going to bed, and not shocking it the moment you wake up.

This can add up quite nicely to about 14 hours of “natural ” fast. now you need to find another slot for those extra 2 hours a day of fast- so as not to compromise working out and household demands.

That, my friends, is quite a challenge in my experience. you will need to compromise here.

If- for example- you go to bed at 22:00 (I go to bed much much earlier, since my kids are grown and I get up at 3 AM, I have the privilege of saying “goodnight” at 18:00). anyway- for example- 22:00 PM- then you stop eating at 18:00 – (4 hours prior) and that means you do not eat a thing after 18:00- even if dinner time is 18:30- you just sit there- and you wake up at 06:00AM- you eat at 10:00 AM- which means you need to get breakfast for your household on an empty stomach and pack lunch and sandwiches- when all you want is to take a bite of that fresh bread.

Tough. told you.

Now try to fit in a workout first thing in the morning- say at 06:00 AM- meaning that at 08:00 you are famished, ready to devour whatever- but- no. you need to wait another 2 hours-(not to mention that 60 minutes eating window after work out that everyone is going on about).

Einstein should have worked this out instead of quantum mechanics.

In my experience- you cannot win everything- no matter how much you try. bear in mind that in order to make your body adapt to Intermittent fasting- you need to stick to a constant schedule- you can’t do 18:00-10:00 for 2 days then 16:00-08:00 for 3 days a week then 15:00-07:00 for the two days left. it confuses the system. yourself included.

So try to figure out what is the least problematic method for you- if you are a morning person and wake up hungry like me- then dinner time might be a challenge- unless you can sit there and watch others eat- not to mention prepare food for them.

I can’t- I admit-therefore the next tips:

#2: Alternative dinner time:

Again- if you need to prepare for young kids- that is difficult since they cannot take care of themselves, but as soon as they reach 12- or sometimes earlier- depending on the specific kid- teach them how to use the microwave safely, and if you regularly have family dinners together- than just make yourself a cup of herbal tea or cinnamon tea, and enjoy the company- without participating in the actual eating.

If you find that this is too much for you- why not call it an early dinner? if possible- try to get everyone eating at 17:00-17:30- so you’ll be finished by 18:00.

Some people don’t consider family dinner a must-have- me included.

Before you start exploding: “dinnertime is when everybody sits together! connection is the most important thing in a family!” and all that- wait- I agree.

Connection is super important- but who said it has to be connected to munching???

We sit together every evening and discuss the past day, and lots of other things- while drinking a cup of herbal tea- or even 2 cups of said tea. Dinner? to each his own- my partner and son eat whatever they want- whenever they want. and I skip dinner- (told you I get up really early and really hungry. )

As for other meals- I personally like to eat alone, I find it hard to concentrate on the flavors and tastes when I need to be invested in the conversation- and perhaps other people feel the same way.

Many times people are preoccupied at dinnertime, and cant bring themselves to share what’s troubling them over an omelet. (over a vegan omelet -perhaps- but not over an egg omelet).

Some people need more time to express themselves, and family dynamics at the dinner table may be too fast or too awkward a place for them to speak up about what’s really troubling them- they need a one on one with fewer family members-

What I’m trying to say is- that in my opinion– a family meal is not the only way to connect in a household, though it is nice occasionally.

If you are a true warrior and can prepare a meal and sit through it while fasting, I salute you. I can’t. Maybe once in a while, it’s possible, but definitely not on a regular basis. ( Oh come on, cut the bu@& sh#@. I can’t stand doing it even once. )

If you decide to prepare ahead for others- without actually participating yourself- try tip #3″

#3: The list:

Prepare a freezer full of family staples that can be heated in a few minutes, and don’t forget to hang a complete list of the options on the fridge door.

the food needs to be labeled and prepared in a user-friendly way- I mean not 16 veggy homemade burgers stuck together in an inseparable way, that will agitate the hungry family member, thus resulting in your interference and help in heating- thus resulting in breaking your fast- if the burgers are very appetizing.

The second part of this post will contain everyday tips to keep as calm as possible when facing a “pseudo-hunger”.

In the meantime- enjoy- the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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