Already told you I’m an introvert, right?

Close to 1278 times. approximately.

Ever since I learned to read, my relationship with books was as close – as others would probably feel about a close friend.

Of course for me- personally- books are so much better than friends because you don’t have to make the effort to talk to them; you can never “say the wrong thing” or- “not say the right thing”, you don’t have to keep them company, listen to a lot of empty chit chat concerning things you don’t give a dang about, or question your-or their -loyalty.

Win-Win-Win situation.

Come to think of it- kind of like I felt about our late dog-unconditional love, comfort, and a feeling of closeness.

So naturally- I am always looking for good hacks when books are concerned, and here are my absolute top 6 tips on reading /listening to books for 00000000$$$$$.

#1. Stating the obvious: the library.

If you have a public library close to your house- you win.

Tips on getting a good vibe going – be nice to the librarians, ask how they are (whisper “how are you?”) and if you occasionally batch bake chocolate chip oatmeal vegan cookies –bring them a nice plate to enjoy next to their tea-coffee.


Because people like being acknowledged, as opposed to feeling transparent, and because if you like reading, then you may be spending quite some time in the library, and it’s always better to feel welcome rather than politely ignored.

In my personal experience, once you’ve established a friendly relationship, chances are that you’ll be tipped and advised more gladly about new arrivals.

#2: the local library is a driving distance from your house? The digital library comes to the rescue!

I read on Libby, this is an international reading app -free of any charges or ads, and very user-friendly.

The only thing is you may need to wait for the popular books for a while, but there are plenty of books available at any minute, audiobooks included, and the option to download the book- thus reading or listening offline- is a winner.

#3: Kindle daily book deals.

I hope you remember I have no connection whatsoever to Amazon -or affiliated links of any kind. just happen to appreciate good customer service and good deals.

If you have an Amazon account- just write “kindle book deals” and a variety of books will appear- some good- some rubbish- for 0$ to 3 or 4$. already told you I got the four Neapolitan novels by Elena Ferrante for about 4$. new books always cost more, but if you wait a while- you might get a good deal on them.

My tip– you found a book you’d like to read on amazon kindle charts or deals? great! now take the time to look for it on the free digital library app! why? because sooooo many times I read the same book that cost 15$ on amazon- for 0$ in the digital library.

#4: Amazon household account:

Ok- if you happen to have a family member who is a bookworm like you- then go on and establish a “household account” for the both of you- a few easy steps on the Amazon account will get you started- you only need to type “household account” in the search window and follow the instructions.

I will save you some time and tell you that once you send the invitation to the family member you are interested in sharing your books with, the invitee can accept (0r refuse?) the invitation, then automatically gets to see all your books -unless you quickly go to “manage devices” in your account and take a specific book off the ” family library”-but you- as the creator of the account- need to wait for the invitee to move each and every book manually to the family library- through “manage content and devices” (click on “your account”‘ then scroll down to “digital content and devices” and under “alexa” you’ll see the “manage content and devices”- there you will find all your books- there is a box to the left of each book- check V on the box and the description line above will give you all kinds of options- “add to library” will let the invitee allow you to read his-her book, and you -can remove a book from the same library.

This can double the number of books you and your family member own, and saves serious $$$ on future purchases.

#5. Free audiobooks?? yep! on Youtube!!!

A few weeks ago I suddenly realized there is a new button in the upper description line on my Youtube app.

Maybe it was there before and I didn’t notice it- either way- along with the other buttons that read: “what’s new”, “everything”, “music” etc, there is one button named “audiobooks”, and once you click on it, just like Alice in wonderland, an array of free audiobooks appears.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about- perhaps the button appeared after I started searching Youtube for free audiobooks- so just start searching Youtube for the book you want to hear and add “free audiobook” to your search line.

The pros- free. many times popular books that sell on Amazon for around 10$ each are out there for free. you can go running and listen to a book, cook -and listen to a book, clean the house or garden or just lay there lazy in your hammock- and listen to a book.

the cons- the ads. and the ads. plus those ads. and the fact that you cannot download and listen wifi free- unless you go premium, which I didn’t.

#6: the Gutenberg project: for the serious literature.

If you are a serious person and enjoy an occasional “Ulysses” or “between two cities” or “little Dorrit” -look no more. no need to dust the heavy books from the top of your shelf, where they’ve been sitting ever since you bought them attempting to appear smart at the book store.

Just type in “Gutenberg project ” and download classic books for free.

And merry Christmas!

read- and enjoy- the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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