You remember I am a class A introvert and a known unashamed nerd.

Now you remember.


I love autumn and winter, can’t deal with harsh sun and heat- which is a shame since I live in a very hot place, suffice to say we have 8-9 months of summer a year- and I do not mean a fair and light summer running around 30 Celsius ( 85 Fahrenheit). naaaa. that’s not the case. at all.

Try 40 celsius. (100+Fahrenheit).

But who cares- it’s autumn now. I’ll worry about next summer another time. (soon though. it’s always best to worry first and enjoy later -if there’s any time left .that’s my way of thinking anyway.)

So true to my “be prepared” line of thinking, I used the “amazon kindle summer bundle” or whatever it was called to stock up on one of my favorite ways to use my time- books.

I am not related to Bezos or anyone else on Amazon, have no affiliated links or anything of the sort- and frankly- I’d much rather get all my books on my online free library, but many times I just feel like reading something else than what they have going on at the library at the moment- and the deals they had on Kindle were very persuasive.

The thing is-

Turned out that some of the books cost me (a few bucks-told you- great deals) and some were free-or for practically free- for instance- I bought all 4 Elena Ferrante “Neapolitan stories” books for 3 $. I mean, like really? this includes “my brilliant friend”, “those who leave and those who stay behind”, “the story of a new name” and “the story of the lost child”.

So far I’ve read 3 of them- not an easy read I can tell you that- but it captures you nonetheless.

I also got another David Sedaris book “The best of me”- and many others.

28 others- to be exact.

Yes I am aware that is a lot- but in my defense, I’ll say it doesn’t take any space at all – all in my Ipad -and that’s the best way -in my opinion- to spend money.

So the thing is- I suddenly realized I judge books I paid for and books that cost nothing-close to nothing- differently.

I mean I knew people who get freebies are not to be trusted in any way- but I always thought my ability to read and judge a book (by its content) couldn’t be compromised by anything-because- I thought- I am so unique and true to myself, that my true opinion would prevail.

Well then.

Not exactly.

Turns out I am much more forgiving when it comes to free books- and became a harsh critique when I paid full price.

When I paid for a book I demanded a “closely knit plot- a variety of evolving caricatures- a catharsis- a lesson to be learned- a feeling of true connection to the heroines”-

While considering books I paid nothing or the equivalent for It was perfectly enough if “the book was funny”.

I mean- that’s pathetic.

But- also- funny.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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  1. For some reason I thought you were in the NE US.

    I’ve noticed it is a lot easier for me to give up on a books that cost nothing like the Prime Reading books if it does not interest me in the first 100 pages. I have had better luck with Libby books from the Library. You can get new release books but you may have to wait for a few weeks. I just started The Midnight Library and it’s off to a good start.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree-I find myself being a harsh critic towards library books -to the point that I classify them in a different category than bought books, even if the books cost 0.000$, which I admit is strange. maybe it has to do with the ownership? I read Libby books from the library all the time, and love the fact that I no longer have to drive to the local library which is more than a 20-minute drive away. BTW- read “The midnight library”- I really liked the idea and the beginning but found it a bit cheesy towards the end, but that might have to do with the fact that it was a library copy. I would really like to hear your intake on the book once you finish- it is a HUGGGGEEEE Amazon hit.


      1. I liked it.
        How a life can have infinite possibilities based on the choices you make was an interesting and thought provoking topic. The Butterfly Effect on life.

        The ending was a bit predictable and a bit cheesy I guess, but Tis the Season for cheesy endings. “It’s a Wonderful Life”

        Liked by 1 person

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