So I turned 53 this week, and I thought this is a great time to share my encounter with the ultimate fountain of youth- Botox .

As usual- I remind that I am no dermatologist or health instructor or registered dietitian or registered anything- except an early retired lawyer who happens to believe in doing everything you can to promote leading a healthy strong life as long as possible.

So what does the above have to do with Botox?

Well about 6 years ago, while working as a mini boss at a very demanding job, my sister told me about her botox routine and asked if I didn’t think it was time to get rid of my constant frown line -the deep line on my nose bridge, between my brows-you know- the one that makes you look constantly unhappy about things.

She told me her doc was a pro- and I went. he was great, it took seconds, and after a few days, the frown I had for years- was almost gone.

Not only that- but my droopy eyelids were suddenly back in place- making me look younger- and better- to say the truth.

It didn’t hurt- but it did feel strange.

I mean- really strange. for me- personally- I mean.

Perhaps other people feel great, and don’t experience the need to move their eyebrows all the time as if they were actors in a 40’s silent movie- but I , evidently, do.

That is probably the reason I got that frown line to begin with- my excessive need to portray my feelings using my facial expressions.

I have to say- that not only did I look younger+better , this no frown line look was very useful at work- since now- as the new ice queen -nobody could tell if I were upset or bothered by their suggestions- which proved to be a useful “poker face” tactic.

So there I was- torn between the tactical advantages of -for the first time in my life- having a “poker face” , plus-of course let’s not forget- looking younger and better- and the urgent need to move my brows and forehead- need that wasn’t met- to say the least.

I guess you know how Botox works by now- it “freezes”/numbs the area- for quite some time- I went once a year -for 3 years.

Until I retired -almost 3 years ago.

*I went once a year though I know people go every 3 months or so- that is what my sister does- but That was the compromise I found between the poker face and the hard time I had convincing myself to ignore all the studies stating that Botox isn’t exactly the healthiest thing around (do your research if it interests you- the facts are there- but facts cannot compete with people’s need to stay forever young and relevant).

I must admit -at first I thought to myself- why stop? I’m not getting younger, I want to look good even if I’m not going to meet a lot of people, (“I’m doing it for myself” excuse- I personally believe women who spend a lot of time and a lot of money “just for themselves”- it’s actually not for themselves- because I doubt they would take an hour to put on make up and do their hair if they were alone n the world- meaning they do it to feel safe in the way other people look at them. I know that’s the way I saw it- as a necessary weapon -needed in order to deal with my social awkwardness and insecurity. )

Apparently- when you look much better and you are “dressed for success”- you have more self confidence -thus significantly increasing the chances of actually succeeding .


So now I’ve gone almost 3 years without Botox-

My worry line is back.

So are my droopy eyelids.

And I understand that’s the way it’s going to be.

My body is aging.

I will have more wrinkles, my rear end will aspire for ground level, my whole body feels heavier, and I get tired early- and that’s ok.

I pass the mirror and try to smile- because I learned I look so much better when I smile rather than pout.

Stay tuned for part 2.: what I actually do instead of Botox.


Enjoy- the cooliflower.

Published by wiseassvegan

an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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  1. I am so sorry you went through this unnecessary procedure, having had the pressure to do such a thing. The very thought of people being seduced into do such a thing via all and sundry (media mostly) upsets me very, VERY deeply. That the universe brings together the object 💉 full of unnatural 🧪 product in a world full of real medical need. All the fails too. I cannot say for legal reasons what I know and what I’ve seen. Bless you for who you are and the fact that you now have more sense and I look forward to reading your next more enlightened post.

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