When I was a young mother, I remember experienced mothers talking about how you should never prevent your children from having snacks -and since these were the happy oblivious 90’s- they meant processed snacks, not almonds and carob chocolate organic what not’s-I mean the hardcore toffee -chocolates -chips-marshmallows-popsicles made of nothing but white sugar_artificial colors: you get my drift.

The reason those oracles of delphi gave, was that children that grow up having no snacks at home, will spend the rest of their lives devouring those “forbidden fruits” (……) because they didn’t get the chance to “get used to it ” at home.

These fountains of knowledge also told frightening stories about those snack deprived “les miserables” that couldn’t keep themselves away from the snack bowls when invited to parties held at snack providing homes.

So at first, little coward that I was, I stuffed the house with processed snacks, to my children’s delight.

I mean- who doesn’t love processed sugar and monosodium glutamate??

But shortly after -I asked myself what the f*%$, and stopped listening to unsolicited unaccounted for non -scientific advice.

I believe all children are different- as all grownups, and the key is explaining+substituting, not eliminating with no warning, or far worst- the parent-children double standard: you children can’t have that, because it’s not healthy, but I (the parent) can stuff my face with whatever I feel like from the bending machine at work, because- well because I’m old enough to have a credit card.

I’ve seen this happen- sooner or later the secret soda drinker will be exposed -children today are a dangerous combination of hercule poirot and miss marple-and the soda loving parent will have to work very hard to restore his child’s trust.


So- I can only say that in my experience, reading and learning the subject, is crucial for making the best decision for your household- if your kids are young. and if they are teenagers (meaning above 8- kids these days are so grown up it amazes me time and again)- I suggest calling a family meeting, and hearing everybody on this subject, then deciding:

If everybody understands the need to eat healthy for proper fueling, great- moving on to the next level- proper substitutes.

If- on the other hand- nobody is on board , or only some of the household members-

This is trickier.

You will need to find a solution that will be accepted by all parties included.

As many have acknowledged before me- a good compromise is one that all parties are equally discontented with.

I am trying to think of a compromise that would work, but since I’ve never done it at my house I can’t think of any.

I simply took all junk out and didn’t let it creep back. and I have to tell you that all of my 3 kids eat super healthy and to the best of my knowledge (………….) don’t binge on junk now that they are grown up, out of the house (2/3 of them), and have their own credit card for the bending machine.

By the way- I grew up with no junk food either- and don’t see the need to have these around, though I really can’t say what would have happened if a bag of chips sat in front of me, open and inviting, for an entire evening.

I think keeping junk food available at home is a mistake, since this is addictive food -in my opinion- apparently not only in my opinion- read in the link :


I know some people can do one or two chips a day , but many can’t.

My opinion is that finding great satiating healthy substitutes can help immensely with feeling deprived- the #1 trigger to falling off the wagon to munching and crunching.


So-here are my top suggestions for raw vegan snacks -cheap +healthy!

#1. Fruits!


Designed by nature to keep us happy and healthy, fresh in season fruit is cheap, available, nutritious and satiating.

Freeze your grapes in summer time, (pre-wash please- washing after freezing is not acceptable), and enjoy a tasty healthy crunchy snack.

#2: That’s nuts!

As you may see- the almonds are soaking in water, that’s because apparently it enhances the nutritional value of said almonds.

Only thing to remember about nuts, is their high caloric value, due to their high fat percentage.I count them before eating, and try not to exceed 10 almonds- walnuts a day.

#3.Dried fruit.

same caveat as nuts ( don’t over eat), only this time it’s high sugar content.

#4.Healthy raw chocolate balls.yummy!!

Many options on line, I just mixed whatever I fancied, and the results were so good, the non vegans in my house hold are snacking on them non stop.

I mixed peanut butter, date spread ( home made), ground steel cut oats, ( used the Vitamix), and raw cacao powder.I really can’t give measures since I just mixed and tasted oh and cinnamon!

Roll with wet hands ( great trick in general), and store in freezer, in a container.

As you can see, there are plenty of alternatives to junk treats, no need to feel deprived.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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