If you are in the mood for a happy sunshine and flowers post-

Well this ain’t the post for you.

I decided its high time I say it-

Some people say things that are simply annoying-and I’m not talking about the obviously atrocious racist chauvinistic things that are to be condemned in every way and forum-

I’m talking about the much much “lighter” stuff. many times percieved as “harmless”-


At the end of a long day

You really do not want to hear this babble going on , and -if you are anything like me- you immediately worry about young impressionable people, that can be seriously misled by following any of this.

So-what got on my nerves?

#1: “Oh don’t worry-everything will be alright!”


#1. How do you know that???

#2. If you do happen to know that -for a fact- as in a 100% full proof fact- then why not elaborate on how exactly things will emerge from the total mess they seem to be in -into being “all right”. no need to hold the information, should you happen to have it.

#3.Does the person saying this annoying phrase have any intention of trying to actually help you get out of the situation causing the distress? in my personal experience- 99.99999% of the times- people using this phrase have no idea whether or not things will be alright, and don’t actually care, they most definitely have no intention of actually getting involved in the mess, and just say this to make the person next to them feel better. or make themselves feel better for not helping out.to that I can only say- yay to he-she who can be consoled by an empty phrase distributed by someone who has no intention of doing anything positive or productive to actually try and get things better.

And why is this innocent phrase such a big deal? because there are 2 options:

1- the person hearing this is gullible enough to believe that “everything will be alright!” – well-just because– meaning there is no need to take action, get the mess sorted out , go fight for your rights- right the wrong that was done- depending on the situation.

There is no need to do anything, actually-if you believe the person that has just told you that “everything will be alright!”.

This-in my opinion- where this becomes alarming.

Because many times we get stressed over things we cannot do anything about, but- many times we actually can and should take action, and we don’t need lame advice , but someone to take the time and effort to find a way to take the proper actions to set things straight.

option 2- the person hearing the phrase is not gullible at all- and all you do is upset him-her even more- because now he-she knows darn well who he has for friends.

I think it’s safe to say- 100% failure.

#2: “Oh me? I eat anything I want , as much as I want. YOLO people!”(said by a thin person, either genetically thin or hiding an eating disorder or other dubious methods of suppressing appetite).

Now this- is truly annoying.

I find it hard to believe that people can actually eat whatever -and how much they want- ( including a lot of certified junk food) – not train like maniacs, and get away with it. maybe when you are really young-but once you reach 30- in my experience- you cannot manage your money and your diet as if there’s no tomorrow- and expect to be just fine- come that “tomorrow”.

In my experience- if you don’t manage what you put in the bank-and in your body- you will see the results sure enough- because- as I’ve learned -there are no miracles. only hard work. monotonous, tiring, hard work.

In my experience- the most important achievements you’ll earn, will be the result of tedious boring continuous work, rather than exciting 50 minutes of “being in the zone and on it !”

Saving only when a big raise comes your way, or your lottery ticket happens to win , or a distant never really knew him-her relative passes away and leaves you his-her estate- well then- I do hope you realize this is just another form of creative procrastination.

The same goes for eating everything in your kitchen.

I’ve done it- some days are just not the best,

So I try to get back on track and see what went wrong.

What instigated this act of self sabotage, and how can I manage things differently the next time.

I definitely don’t go encouraging other people to act on their every craving -all the time- because as a general rule of thumb-

Actions- have consequences.

That’s enough ranting for this time-

Enjoy(?)-the cooliflower.

Published by wiseassvegan

an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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