“Organized people always make their beds first thing in the morning!”

Well sure- I know that.

But why??

I mean-

Your’e going to mess it up again come evening, and assuming no one (such as, for instance- you mother in law) is coming for a (thorough) visit -and you don’t mind –

Then why not save those valuable morning 45 seconds?

My answer is-

Because it matters . not to your OCD self (or partner), and not to your inner MIL (or mother) criticizing your domestic skills.

Because some days are just not the best.

It happens,

Even in early retirement -you’ll be surprised to hear that I get stressed, and unhappy, and sometimes even go full on sad.

The amount of unhappy days I had back before retirement were too many to count, but those are over now so no need to stress about them.


My point is-

If you happen to have a bad day at work, then ,sure, you need to get over it, and challenge yourself, and be brave and confront your fears-

But when all this is done-

You can definitely spend and unproductive minute thinking about that blessed minute after your shower, when you get to crawl to bed and wrap yourself in your agony.

And if your bed isn’t made, and you haven’t changed your sheets in more than a week, and your whole closet is tossed on your douvet, and you don’t feel absolutely great about your mattress,

then- dreaming about that solitary comforting bed isn’t going to work that well.

Please don’t get the notion that I recommend staying in bed all day instead of dealing with whatever it is life decides to rain on you.

Au contraire- I totally believe in confronting situations heads on no delay and no fear.


At the back of my head there’s always that comfortable bed I know is waiting for me when I finish my battles .

Because even a great warrior needs rest. and so do small warriors like me.

Plus- there’s always that mother in law/OCD partner option.

But the first person you need to think of- in my opinion- is YOU.

Yep- even if you have kids and a ton of responsibilities-

If you don’t take good care of yourself- you’ll have no energy for your kids, and by “taking good care” I mean getting enough rest- and enough “down time” for yourself.

This- naturally- is an advice more appreciated by introverts- seeing as extroverts thrive on going out and meeting people, not staying in bed contemplating situations, but-

even extroverts need rest, and in my experience a clean made bed , is a thousand times more inviting than a rumpled-messy- sweaty sheets one.


The cooliflower.

Published by wiseassvegan

an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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  1. There was recently a conversation on the tv about how often sheets should be changed. Once young celebrity admitted she only changes hers once every six months. Collective cringe.
    Regardless of the status of your day slipping between the clean sheets of a well made bed is a satisfying end to the day.
    Enjoy your weekend:)

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  2. I’ve been flinging my duvet over the end of the bed of a morning to air the bed. I read somewhere, sometime ages ago that the bed can retain so much moisture, so I think that’s a thing. Plus, when it’s bedtime, I wanna see the bed empty when I go to get in and check for spiders/earwigs… 🧐

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    1. Flinging the douvet- so important, can’t believe I forgot to write that…thank you for this and have a great weekend!


      1. I not only fling it over the end, but it stays there dangling and looking untidy. That way the mattress and the inside surface of the duvet cover are aired. I open the curtains and let the sunshine in upon the airing bed. It looks messy, but looks aren’t everything (the thing I tell my mirror).

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