Ok , I hear you- you’re thinking- this early retirement thing is getting to her, there is no such thing as a “parsley situation”.


If you’ve ever grown parsley from seeds- you know there most definitely is a thing called a “parsley situation”.

Here you are, chirping and hopping in your garden wearing a blue sun dress and a red ribbon ( yes, Walt Disney- I have a L O T to say about the way he narrated the lives of millions throughout the years- frankly- still does), sowing parsley seeds generously ( they come in 300 seeds pack- you can “save for later” but they are so tiny- you seem to think – oh- I have to sow some more, no way this will be enough!”).

Come spring-

And the parsley thrives – and thrives-and thrives-

This is when I was skimping on parsley, thinking- oh- is this going to be enough?


You can see that there is a thing called “over abundance” when parsley is concerned.

You might ask yourselves-what is she going on about? just live and let live- meaning- “let it grow let it grow, let it blossom let it flow, in the sun the rain the snow, love is lovely, let it grow” (Clapton, Eric. great song. really).


The thing is- you can’t really do that.

I mean- if Eric says you can when love is concerned- then he knows, but not when trying to grow parsley.


Parsley needs constant trimming, or the stems will harden and the leaves will weaken. (AKA the parsley trade off).

Oh and the result of that trade-off will be foul-tasting parsley.


So I started “harvesting ” as much as I could.


And using it- of course.

Parsley is just about the healthiest thing out there-(answers here in the link)


For people out there watching their calorie intake or sugar intake -wow is this the first prize winner for you.

For people looking to live forever- also relevant. (antioxidants).

For people who have turtles as pets- also relevant.

So I made various salads:

I actually posted these 2 salads before- this is re-using my own material, and there needs to be a valid excuse for it- and there is! the reason is reference-because I am getting to a point here-

My point is- if you are in a parsley abundance situation- start every salad on the parsley premises and build from there.

Add anything -green apples-red apples-tomatoes-cucumbers- onions-chickpeas-lentils-beans-corn- avocado- buckwheat (as for all beans and legumes- do yourselves a favor and cook them before adding them. I believe no explanation is in order).

Today- for instance- I felt I needed to take a break from my usual breakfast-lunch-snacks, due to overload (one of the huge benefits of early retirement is being -for the first time in my life- a bit more tuned to my body. doesn’t mean I always follow through though…)so I ate 4 bowls of parsley-green-red apple with a drizzle of lemon and a bit of Himalayan salt+ a teeny tiny bowl of bulgur. (how tiny? so tiny you can barely see it!)

But I still had a lot of parsley left…

So- I diced it up in my Braun hand mixer (one of my absolute best friends in the kitchen . I mean it)and put it in my silicone ice cube mold to freeze a few hours-then transferred the cubes to keep for whenever I need parsley in my cooking.

Now- fair warning- frozen parsley cannot be used in salads!!!

Because it comes out soggy.

Very soggy.

But-no problems using it in cooked dishes- after frying in a pan with diced onions and garlic, for instance- it would upgrade any savory dish.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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  1. Can it not be strung up and dried? A bowl under and a few scrunches later and the right amount each time in the future recipes? Did that wi’ soooooo much mint. Bunches tied up wi’ circles and circles of cotton and dried on a sunny day. Later scrunched into a bowl and put in bags. Parsley, wasn’t there an experiment (tongue in cheek) about it making breath smell nicer after chewing on it? Of course I just now tried to find the kids TV science programme and ended up with this:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmmm….sounds like a great idea! thank you for reading, taking the timee to comment+ the dried parsley hack!


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