Before I start- you need to know I have no shares in Fitbit- or in any other fitness devices for that matter, and neither do I get anything for free from any store -online or otherwise.

I also do not review anything for a living-nor am I a tech whiz (oh-so far from it, almost embarrassing to tell) so this isn’t going to be a professional review, just an honest frugal person’s review, reflecting my own personal unbiased opinion.

There- now we can start.

First- who cares?

Well- this is a good question if you happen to be frugal.

Actually- if you are frugal, you are probably used to asking yourself -“do I need this?”-instead of “do I want this”.

This is actually a very good question because this device -in my opinion- is definitely something you can live happily ever after without having (or even knowing it exists-as was my case), but– if you are a health enthusiast, and your workout goals are a priority to you- then this is a great device to have- provided you get it when it’s on sale.

I think I first need to tell you the pros and cons -and then sum it up, and- as usual- do your own research, don’t buy anything you won’t use+enjoy, and if you happen to have this device- or another one from a different company- please comment!


#1. It measures a variety of workouts: (though not all!)

The Fitbit Inspire 2 measures walk, runs, swimming (yes- laps included! ), biking (haven’t tried it -can’t tell you how accurate it is) and it says it measures yoga too- though I haven’t tried this either.

I did notice that my band workouts cannot be measured, although I can call it “weights”- but it isn’t- and when I do a 30 minutes free weights workout- it measures it as a mere 80-90 calories worth- when this is -in my opinion- not the point of working out with weights.

It doesn’t have a built-in GPS -or a music streamer- but I run with my phone anyway- and swim with my Syryn waterproof MP3 -now this– is a must-have for swimmers in my opinion- it is a definite need(!) if you love swimming -here is a link to a previous post I wrote on this-

How Metallica stepped up my game at the pool this morning

Revisiting Pollyanna: a test case in positive psychology.

(Again- no shares or affiliated nothing).

Why do I need to measure my workouts?

Well- again- this isn’t exactly a question of “need” but of “want”.

I am a retired health enthusiast, my workouts are a priority for me- and I love collecting analyzing the correct data concerning my workouts, instead of guessing -or relying on my phone’s GPS.

#2. Can’t escape it- the psychological effect.

This is a huge one, no doubt.

The extroverts can enjoy the “share activity “button, and the variety of communities to be part of, discuss interval intensity and calorie intake, and even share how many hours of sleep they got last night. (!).

But even an introvert like me has to admit there is something challenging in knowing your information is gathered somewhere- and you can better yourself every day.

As pathetic as it may sound ( and it does sound), I noticed I stopped slacking at the end of runs, I make an effort to swim faster, not to mention the calorie intake feature…..

#3. The calorie intake feature.

I used MyfitnessPal until I had enough of loading my foods, though I knew this is just sheer laziness and pure shame, because guessing gets you only this far- and this- is not very far.

Apparently, the Inspire 2 has the same features- you load your food choices, lie about the quantities (sorry- you don’t lie- you “guess” how big that huge bowl was), and the Inspire tells you how many calories you still have left for the day- according to your weight goal -and the number of calories you burned during your exercising that day.

This is really nice-

No need to calculate- you can see exactly how your day is looking currently- and decide like the responsible person that you are (…..) if your planned trip to the cupboard is happening or not.

*Again- the psychological game is the real challenge – you get the feeling that your information is out there- and although I choose to never share anything with anyone ( introvert, told you)- I still feel I need to “behave”.

#4. heart rate measuring:

This is really nice- if you don’t mind wearing the Inspire when you go to sleep, then you can enjoy this super important information gathering- your resting heart rate-

This is super important if you want to know your fitness level and adjust accordingly.

I can tell you that for the past two weeks I was stressing over an issue concerning my kids, and sure enough, I could see the change in my resting heart rate. ( if this is of any importance to you- from 57-58 to 63).

#5. heart rate measurements -while active:

this- obviously- is an important feature- you can check your heart rate while running or boxing or whatever- and the Inspire calculates your fat-burning zone- your cardio zone- and your peak zone- according to your personal information- age-weight- resting heart rate and exercise level.

This is what my run this morning looked like:


#6. It is easy to use- even for relics from the ice age like me. also easy to charge.

#7. The looks and feel of it– this device is slim, hardly noticeable, but at the same time stylish.

#8. the price tag: I bought mine on Amazon for 68$ +1 year of free premium membership- the regular price for premium membership is 80$ a year.


So- in my opinion- (which now- as an owner of the device- is biased by the need to justify the purchase to myself)- I can tell you I did just fine without it for 52 years of my life- but in the past 2 months of checking my data constantly and trying to better my results so as not to embarrass myself in front of the Fitbit – I can say that if you are avid health and sports lover, and you actually care what your heart rate variability is+ you are able to consistently load your food intake -and check to see how many calories you consumed and how many you used- than check if the sale on this device is still on, because you will enjoy this.

If you couldn’t care less about all those parameters- don’t bother.

Either way-

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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