All my life, I avoided cats.

Simply had nothing to do with them.

I was sure I was a dog person- and I was also sure that this is an either/ or situation.

Cats do have that distancing spoiled self sureness about them- they always look as if they are doing you a favor by eating the food you give them .

Where as dogs- well- they are just about the greatest thing alive in my opinion- they are giving, and sensitive , and smart, and loving, and loyal-well- in my opinion -dogs are the absolute best there is.

A few months ago, our beloved dog passed away, and I’ve been walking around with a huge hole in my heart.

I pet every dog I see, I smile to dogs when I run, I miss him a lot.

My partner isn’t ready to bring another dog, he says parting with Sirius was so difficult that he needs more time to get over it, and this has to be a unanimous decision in a household-since a dog is a family member.

So a year ago- a pregnant cat came into our yard and gave birth to 3 kittens in our tree house.

One ended his life tragically by wandering off the tree house (too young to have full cat skills probably), and one of them- the white one- was such a curious funny little thing- that we got used to him, and he got used to us.

So much so- that when his mother decided it was time to move on- he stayed with us.

And this was lesson #1:

Sometimes. it’s OK to trust people.

(key word being “sometimes”).

This cat is a combination of curiosity and laziness.


He follows me around the garden (but not outside it), gets all excited when I water the plants (here I was thinking cats are deterred by water), can’t relax when I dig and plant new plants (he actually starts digging himself. he is funny), but when I sit and relax- he is the first to be there and chill out too.



And these are lessons 2+3- taught by a cat:

#2: curiosity is essential for personal development and happiness.

#3. give yourself the privilege of relaxing in fresh air. it’s priceless.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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