So I was standing in my kitchen waiting for the water to heat ( winter time- instead of forcing myself to swallow cold water , I pour 2 cups of hot water into my water bottle and add a cup of cold water-in case I need to drink right then and there- and a slice of ginger (pre-cut and stored in freezer for this exact use) and no cold water if I intend to sip slowly “enjoying the moment and being aware”. (!)

*Oh before I forget -I have this great tip for those of you who have to have their coffee boiling hot or otherwise they won’t drink it like spoiled bra&^-

Before pouring the coffee to your mug/cup- pour a cup of boiling water into the said cup-glass, and let it warm the cup for 30 seconds.

Then- and only then- pour your coffee into said cup. you can’t believe the difference this little trick makes in the temperature of the coffee! instead of meeting a cold cup -the coffee is glad to meet a warm and welcoming cup, thus feeling more relaxed and letting all its coffee qualities out .

(The water from the first cup can be poured to your sink- along with a little dish soap- to help unclog whatever is thinking of clogging your sink. )

Yes well that may have been a bit too poetic but the tip is worth it.

This of course is only necessary in winter time, and provided you don’t over heat your house at night .

If, by any chance- you are one of those people that can pour a cup of coffee, join a meeting, let the coffee just stand there on the table for 40 minutes, and then drink it as if nothing’s wrong- well then.

I guess this tip isn’t exactly useful for you.

I mean- to each his own. I have a lot of strange food related behaviors too, so who am I to judge?( and yet- seriously? either boiling hot or freezing cold- I can’t stand the “middle way ” coffee temperature).

So I was waiting in my kitchen, and out of nothing- started doing squats.

Squats in the middle of nothing!

This got me thinking-

I can tell you that while waiting for the water to heat I managed to get in 3 sets of 10 squats- and even a few leg raises, and felt really good about myself afterwards.

Next time I waited for my pasta water to boil- I started doing the dishes in the sink -thinking that the hot pasta water will help get rid of any sticky oily residue in the sink.

I also managed to clean the counters.

That way- while waiting for pasta water- a wait I can’t control or hurry- I made my kitchen environment more pleasant .

I know- there will be those dishes after the pasta is eaten- but I don’t mind- instead of going back and forth to check on the boiling water while trying to do something else half halfheartedly (your heart is invested in the pasta, naturally!) I stay in the kitchen and finish whatever it is I need to do there.

That could include making the pasta sauce, making salad, checking your pantry for future references, or taking that da@# broom and swiping the floor.

I mean- your’e up and moving in the kitchen- what’s the point of another phone screen scroll?

By the way the squats thing is a solid option since it needs no props and can be done properly standing up.

If you happen to be a warrior- get down and do 30 push ups too.

Can’t get any better than that.

This method can be applied outside the kitchen too, mind you.

Waiting for an app to download? squat.

Brushing your teeth? get in 43 squats. (tried it).

Waiting for a representative to answer the phone( in the rare instance you can’t use the best ever “gmail them and have everything on record too” method- squat again.

I think you get the picture.

Double using your time+getting in some exercise? amazing.

Thank you Pixels and Cottonbro for the beautiful image I used .

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

Published by wiseassvegan

an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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