I always thought avocados were for those skinny people that need nutrient and fat-dense foods because they don’t get enough calories. 

Well- I happen to find calories wherever I go, no problem there, thank you very much. 

This is why I was never a big advocate for avocados.


I changed my mind lately- and started researching the subject of oils, and one thing led to the other-

So here I am, telling you why, and how, we now have 10 avocados in  bowl , waiting (very patiently) to ripen. 


Should you be thinking- what is she going on about-there are no avocados here-

Well, my dear Watson(s) -yes there are.

They are snuggled within giveaway newspapers. here I was thinking everybody read the news online? actually, I was glad I got those free newspapers because the newspaper is great for cleaning windows and stuffing inside wet sneakers- it has been raining here the past few days, and laws of physics say that running in the rain=wet sneakers apparently).

The reason the avocados are snuggled (separately) in the newspaper, is that thankfully they arrived hard as rocks from the supermarket, which allowed for slow and steady home ripening instead of buying ripe ones that end up being black patched and ill tasting. 

*The thing about those avocados is that their skin isn’t transparent as you would expect, so there’s a lot of guessing going on concerning the exact level of ripeness for a decent avocado. 

So tip #1- is to get the handout newspapers, and save them for each of those 3 valid reasons. 

tip#2 would naturally be-buy hard as rock avocados, and ripen them at home wrapped in mentioned newspapers, 

and tip #3- would be to put them next to bananas. 

Apparently bananas release ethylene while ripening, thus ripening their neighbors as well. 

This is the reason my bowl contains both. (yes, that was kind of obvious. )

Anyway-you needs to check on the avocados every day, not by squeezing the life out of them, but gently, making it seem as if you see a future together. 

But why eat them in the first place you ask?

Well- some can’t have enough of their taste- cut nicely, sprinkled with salt, a drizzle of lemon, and served over toast, some are those nutrient-deficient people, some are health advocates that even put avocados in their smoothies (!) , and I even saw people make avocado ice cream-since they are neutral in taste and contain a lot of fat. 

Let’s just say that the toast thing is as far as I go- seeing as I told you- I seem to have no problem meeting my caloric needs- and even surplus it , so no need to worry about me. 

By the way- my partner and my son are both avid avocado eaters, with or without toast, and I am mentioning this because they are both skinny (yes, it is frustrating to watch them eat everything and not overthink it, but I guess I got used to it, or maybe I didn’t- can’t do anything about it anyway, so no reason to get all worked up, told you I got wiser as I got older). 

Now to some facts, mainly to check why all that labeling is going on, calling canola oil and even olive oil (!!) “bad fats” (that’s a horrible name ) and avocados and peanuts “good fats”. 


So: lots of vitamins, 2 grams of protein in 100 grams serving, no cholesterol (but 77% of it is fat- though monounsaturated fat- which is considered “good fat”-though undoubtedly- still fat), and  9 grams of carbs- but 80% of them are fibers- (in case you are not in the loop- fibers are IT- but -since I am no dietitian as I’ve stated so many times- check me out on this. come to think of it- check me out on everything. come to really think about it- check everything you hear- that’s probably the best advice I would give anyone -should anyone want to hear my lectures, which is doubtful, yet possible). 

Oh- and all of this in 160 calories per 100 grams. 

I don’t have a kitchen scale- I have a tiny kitchen and never saw the reason to weigh everything I eat, by the way (I am resisting the strange impulse to write “by the weight”. yes, I am old like that), I don’t weigh myself either. 

(I know well enough when I put on weight -it is quite clear in the mirror, and in the way I run-I feel heavier+my thighs get chafed. )

*(for a moment there I  had a thought about linguistics: I wondered how “gain weight” and “lose weight” survived our 21’st century culture that encourages the exact opposite, actually turned the food into some kind of enemy. and yes- I read “Dietland”. and yes- I thought it was good). 

I have to mention that for the sake of this post, (or maybe because of writing it?), I just had to make myself an avocado toast and re-check my feelings about it. 

I am so dedicated I tell you. 

The results were that I had really good avocado toast, it was exactly ripe but not overripe, and actually, it tasted really good. 

Sprinkled with salt and lemon- otherwise a bit bland (in my opinion). 

*Should you be turned off by the toast thing- slice some next to your salad- on next to beans- the Mexican way!

*If you have something against salt- use freshly ground pepper- that’s another tip mind you. (tip #4 ). 

By the way, freshly ground pepper is great for salads too. 

*I don’t know anyone who has a problem with lemons- and should any doctor say anything bad about lemons- well- I would get a second opinion -but that’s me.

oh- and I do have a tip #5- although admittedly nothing new here- if you slice your avocado and resist the urge to eat both halves- 

I guess you already know you simply cannot put that leftover half in the fridge as is and be surprised that next day it has gone brown and soggy. 

You can either not do that- or- not be surprised. can’t have both. 

Avocados- like apples- do not appreciate oxygen, (I looked it up for you- it’s because they have an enzyme called something or other. yawn. another yawn).


As in apples- drizzle lemon juice on the leftover half, and if you really want to be a stellar avocado eater- keep in airtight glassware. or keep the peel of the eaten half and use it as a cover for the leftover one. 

Or slice off the thin brown layer the next morning. 

To sum this up- 

If you are looking for a super satiating +healthy spread -or side- that does have quite a lot of fat in it- but no cholesterol- you’ve found it.

I would say “use in moderation” but that’s something I can’t do myself- so no use saying it to anyone else. 

The upside is that even an eater like me can’t miss the fact that avocados are filling- and half an avocado is a generous portion that can keep you going for quite some time. 

 Enjoy- the cooliflower. 

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.


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