2 cans of paint ( 2 shades of blue)

20 door knobs (ceramic multi colored -from Amazon)

Cest tout. 








A great trick for lazy bums that the mere thought of taping endless duct tape and spreading old sheets all over the place (which, of course-is the right way to do it, mind you!) makes them wave the whole project off:(I discovered personal experience can benefit you in the lazy area!)

Magic sponge!

I have no shares or affiliated anything here- on the contrary- I bought mine in a 100 piece bulk on eBay, some generic who knows what it’s name is brand.

Before getting all excited here-

Do not use it on: hardwood floors, non stick pans, and generally- when you are not sure how a certain surface will react.

Other than that? simply soak in water, add a few tiny drops of dish soap (that magic frugal cleaning agent, can’t beat it) squeeze those excess water out, and keep close when painting.

I mean really close by. reachable .

It cleans walls-and saves you from having to repaint every 6 months -simply “wash” the walls using the same method as before (soaked sponge, few drops etc).

Dont go wild on the scrubbing though- it looks soft and innocent- but has a kind of scraping quality- hence the great job cleaning surfaces.

I also use it to scrub tubs, kitchen counter, fridge, you get the point. it is basically re-usable- unless you went over board with the elbow grease- in that case the sponge will diminish until total disappearance.

I love the idea of fresh paint-as a way to bring color and quick change of atmosphere into your home.

Sometimes we need change.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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