Yes there is a double meaning “hidden” there.

mainly because the best way I know to drastically cut on gardening expenses, is, well, to use cuttings and seed packets, instead of buying plants at the nursery.

I admit I did purchase a few plants lately, the reason being I wanted to freshen up my garden with geraniums, and I didn’t have a “mother plant” to begin cutting from.

And, of course, the new cacti for the new renovated cacti table needed to be bought, so.

Other than that, I’ve been managing very nicely with what I gave already growing: lavender, rosemary, melissa, mint, and flower seed packs I ordered on eBay, for a fraction of the cost of the same plants in the nursery.

The thing is, aside from nasturtiums, that are probably the easiest flowers to grow ever, ( just tuck the bulky seeds in and everything will be ok, by the way- if you just leave it about-it will regrow itself next season. if you haven’t developed a taste for dried leaves spread all over your garden ( I haven’t)then get on your knees and collect the seeds and keep in a dry cool place, preferably in a paper bag. or- you can pile the dried leaves to designated corners of the garden, (mulch?) and next season-those corners will be a spreading center for new nasturtiums.)

This year I experimented with growing bussy Lizzies and coleus from seeds, and it wasn’t the easiest task I’ve experienced, though in the end- definitely rewarding.

I bought the seeds on eBay, a farmer from the UK, apparently, the seeds arrived in 3 weeks and had all the needed instructions printed on the package. 

Mind you- the seeds are ever so tiny, and the right method for successful growth is not to shove them in the growing soil as if they were a nasturtium sibling, because, well, they are absolutely not.

What you need to do is breathe deeply, and prepare to be patient.

Growing from seeds is not a 100% full proof successful procedure. 

It’s not that you buy a packet of 25 seeds and start wondering where you are going to find space for 25 full grown plants. 

That is, of course, unless you are a pro- in that case- come on- go watch “Mozart in the jungle” or “sneaky Pete” or some other quality binge. (the emphasis here is on the quality, otherwise -at least in my experience- you end up with an awful aftertaste- as if youv’e eaten way too much junk food). 

So- guessing we are all non-pros- otherwise-the New York philharmonic is waiting for you in that great Amazon prime production- then get some proper propagating lights- check the required lumens and kelvins on line -according to the propagating space you have- get propagating trays and quality soil- no soil from your garden!!!(personal experience speaking here- total waste of time and money trying to save a few %%% here!!) and follow the instructions: meaning how to sow: spread carefully on top of the soil and cover ever so lightly with soft tender fingertips with a tiny bit of soil, cover for the first few weeks- until propagating starts, and water when dry. 

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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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  1. Planting from seeds is not about being frugal – There is something that so satisfies the nurturing instincts , and is also rewarding.

    I sell approx 50 plants a year from cuttings or seeds which I have harvested and these funds are donated to a favourite charity. It is another reason to expend effort in the garden – and cheaper and more personally valuable than a gym membership.

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    1. I believe you’ve found a beautiful and most definitely rewarding way to give, and thank you so much for sharing!

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