It’s time for some gardening alchemy I think.

I am not about to bother you with the hype talk about: “the important lessons we need to learn concerning the horrendous way we’ve been treating our planet before the c. virus, and how we all need to change our ways when this is all over”.

 I get itchy when the “we need to ” begins a sentence.

If you believe something needs to change- then either change it yourself or quit talking.

only 2 options.


Since it’s spring here, and a good time for gardening-but that small quarantine thing is preventing me from getting to the nursery or receiving ordered supplies, I had to make do with what I have around-in my garden or just outside of it.

yes, one person’s trash is another person’s gold and all that.

told you- alchemy.

Here are 5 of my best tips for frugal environmental gardening in quarantine.

#1: efficient frugal cat deterrent!!!


Cats seem to like our garden, and seem to take a particular liking to dig in newly planted garden beds.

I searched online- some quite horrible ideas were suggested.

Then I found a suggestion I tried-

Cats, apparently, do not like strong smells like vinegar and citrus peels.

So I sprinkled vinegar around my garden beds and tossed lemon and grapefruit peels around there too.

I think it did a nice job, but too many peels lying around, my garden beds started looking like a compost bin, and all the vinegar evaporated after a day and I ended up buying tons of vinegar.


I switched to banana peels!

As it turns out, cats- at least the ones I have roaming about in my garden, are not especially keen on the smell of banana peels, plus it composts to essential nutrients for the soil, plus it is super cheap (well, peels). you know what to do with the actual banana right? in case the bananas are ripe (even very ripe) freeze them, then make the yummiest vegan healthy creamy nutrient-packed ice cream or smoothy ever- here is a link: they’re as cold as ice+6 Healthy simple vegan snacks+frugal tips

#2: need to weed? put your weeds to good use!

Live in a blazing summer area? then you need to mulch your plants, to prevent them from drying out.

Why bother buying wood chips or whatever professional mulch, when you can simply use your dried weeds as mulch?

Apparently, some weeds are actually super beneficial to the soil when they decompose, such is the nettle-



There is a caveat to this tip-

If you happen to weed at the point where the weeds have flowered -then you are risking having their children and grandchildren remain in your garden using this method.

So either weed before flowering, or cut the flowering part off and mulch only with the stems and leaves.

#3: Do not throw vegetable cooking water! 

Provided you didn’t use oil or salt while cooking the veggies- or legumes- then once the water has cooled down, they are great nutrient providers for your plants- and double duty is always fun, especially when it comes to water.

#4: That goes for egg boiling water as well!

Apparently, when you make hard-boiled eggs (for your carnivore family members-they will see the light, someday), a lot of the calcium stored in the egg-shells, is transferred theater, so- why not use to supplement your tomato plants and thus avoid that horrid blossom end rot?



While you are at it- ask your carnivores to keep their egg-shells for you, crush them a bit and add them to your tomato soil early on- it takes time for this to compost.

#5: out of planting containers and stores are closed due to quarantine?


wp-15864218941117793064747582745087.jpgwp-1586420611964935037742320650059.jpgI collected thrown out car wheels, including a huge tractor wheel (the trick is to roll it home, otherwise- no friggin way)and thrown out plain plastic nursery plant pots, (I swear they weren’t actually in the dumpster- just standing next to it, thank god for lazy people (?)).

I had some leftover paint from another project so I used it to re-paint the plastic pots.

Use your imagination. use Pinterest. use google.

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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