*This post is merely a suggestion. I am not a doctor, not an epidemiological researcher nor head of any health administration. I am qualified to make salads and legumes, nothing else. use your brains in deciding whether to take my or anyone else’s advice at any time- especially now. oh- and naturally these suggestions go alongside health department regulations. that was obvious- right?

My yoga teacher is 70 years of age, definitely not old, in great shape and looks amazing.

Last Friday, in what turned out to be the last yoga class before the gym was shut due to this awful virus, I was fortunate enough to participate in another one of her weekly classes I enjoy so much.Yes, we kept 2 meters apart, used our private mattresses and opened all the windows.

 Addressing the huge elephant in the room, my yoga teacher told us we are now going to do our breathing session.These breathing techniques are going to strengthen your immune system, and especially your respiratory system, so your body can manage the virus more efficiently, if not avoid it altogether. 

I admit we all smiled. I mean, we love her, she is a wonderful teacher, but come on. 

Then she proceeded to tell us she never had a cold or caught the flu, although she was never vaccinated against the flu as health recommendations for people over 65 are here. 

Now we were listening more carefully.we did 3 sets:10 triangular breathing, 10 Nadi sudhi (alternate nostril breathing) and 3 kapalabati. 

I’m thinking:

option 1:If you already know these techniques and practice them regularly, then you must know that she has a point- if not a totally scientifically proven one, then surely from the mental wellbeing point of view. Go ahead then, practice. 

option 2:You know the techniques but prefer to rely on westerns medicine in this kind of situation. Absolutely legit- but until they find the antidote to the C.virus- what do you have to lose practicing a bit of yogi breathing? 

Option 3:You have absolutely no clue what I am talking about.well then- this is what I am talking about.

Triangular breathing:

wp-1584516915443532048151191789698.jpgDownload a Metronom app (free, of course, come on people), sit comfortably, preferably in a position that allows you to keep your spine straight and lung up for the task of consuming some oxygen, and let’s go.Start by closing your eyes, imagine a triangle is formed, starting from the bottom left, rising in 6 beats of the metronome -while inhaling deeply when you get to the top, hold your breath for 6 beats while forming the imaginary triangle from top to the right corner, and exhale for another 6 beats, closing the triangle from right to left corner. Keep going for a few more rounds, bearing in mind to inhale deeply, and exhale just as deep, meaning try to be literally out of breath when starting the climb up the triangle again.

If you feel moving along the excercise that you can easily manage 8 or even 10 bets of the metronome inhaling- holding breath-exhaling-well then, just do it.

 finished?great. Now hold up your right palm. and fold in the index finger and the middle finger. Put the thumb on your right nostril, so no air goes in or out of it, and inhale as deeply as you can for 6 beats of the metronome, then hold your breath for 12 beats and when exhaling for 6 beats, free your right nostril and close your left one with your pinky and ring finger. finished exhaling? great. keep your ring finger and pinky closing that left nostril, because now you are inhaling for 6 beats when that left nostril is still closed.after inhaling for 6 beats, hold breath again for 12 beats and exhale- releasing that poor left nostril and putting your thumb to use again-closing the right nostril. this is round 1. continue like this for 5 rounds.

 Survived?Great- go check on-line what Kapalabati breathing is because this one is very difficult to explain verbally. you need to see to understand. 

I have no idea if this is actually a way to avoid the virus, but it sure is a great way to regulate your breathing and calm down in times of anxiety. Just saying. 

Enjoy- the cooliflower.       


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