I used to love listening to the radio.

You know, back in the days when music apps weren’t around, and dinosaurs roamed about.

Then Spotify and YouTube music came along, with their wonderful sound and almist endless variety of musical choices, all for free- if you can stand the ads.every.friggin.song.

Yes I am aware you can upgrade to premium and lose the ads, but since I haven’t decided which music app I preffer, no point in upgrading.

In the meantime, I found a great (free, of course, what do you think I am??) music app that allows you to listen to a British radio station that plays nonstop classical music, called “classic fm”.

If this is a turnoff to you, and you’d rather listen to 2020 hits only, at the risk of sounding both old and condescending, perhaps its time to broaden your horizons?

just suggesting.no pressure here.

Any kind of new genre needs some time to get accustomed to.

Took me a month to get my ears used to Deep purple.at first it sounded to me like a lot of screaming , but sure enough, after a month, I got used to Ian Gillan , and now I love listening to them.

I believe it’s easier to get hooked on classical music though.the sound is so precise and clean, easy on the ears.

Since I am old, I love pink Floyd, led Zeppelin, deep purple, pearl jam, the beatles, Metallica, nirvana, and Beethoven, chaicovsky, bach and Mozart.and Mendelssohn.

yeah.old.I know.told you.love it.who cares what everyone is listening to.

Listening to classical music while swimming is something else.really.being underwater gives music a sound so clean and complete, that I am the verge of tears listening to Chaicovskys symphony “pathetique” .

Strongly recommended.even above water.

So why listen to a British radio station and not use youtube music or spotify?

Well just to make it clear, I have nk shares in that station, nor do I know anyone there.

The thing is, the producers at that station pick absolutely great music pieces , that as an amateur to classical music, let’s you get acquainted to all the essentials, plus advanced at the same time.

For example- they really appreciate Mozart and Beethoven, and then you get berlioz and Saint-saens, Shostakovich and chopin.and many others.

The music is accompanied by a short explanation, giving you some background.

Another thing is you get less ads, and, you get to hear British news breaks.

Yes, they do talk about the weather alot.

And they have a lot of rain too.in places like Yorkshire, and south Wales.

Haven’t heard anything about Andrew and magen though.

Plus, I have to admit, listening to the radio does bring back fond memories of being a teenager glued to the radio.

Enjoy, the cooliflower.

Published by wiseassvegan

an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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  1. Shostakovitch is great, I still listen on YouTube with an adblocker. I understand the appeal of the radio. I remember a time when my grandfather used to listen to stories that were read out loud on the radio.
    Nowadays I don’t like the media and I already have enough of Corona, so I’ll stick to YT. But I’m a bit in doubt because of your post. For me the radio also is a bit easier on the mind, more relaxing, I don’t know why. And how do you listen to music underwater? (I’m a bit of a dinosaur too).


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