A long long time ago I realized the only way to get things done is to make absolutely sure I use my time effectively.

This means using every minute twice.

The method is simple, frugal, healthy and very very effective.

Here are my 5 tips on how to double duty in a simple and effective way.

1.Double duty your workout.

When working out at home put your weights on!

These are my legs/hands 2 kilos each weight.

When I finish my run and roll out my workout mat to get ready for core exercises, I strap my weights on.

This simple method allows for each workout to be double effective.

For example-

leg raises with weights on-(double Powerful).

crunches with weights strapped on the wrists.

side leg raises- yes with weights.

back leg raises. you get the picture.

I recently started using elastic workout bands too. also cheap and highly effective as a double-duty option.

2.when cooking – always cook in larger quantities, and freeze the rest for future use.

I will not get tired of saying this:

in my humble (practical!!) mind, there is no point in bulk and keeping the rest in the fridge.

Food doesn’t keep fresh for more than 3-4 days in the fridge+who wants to eat the freaking exact same thing every day?

Just divide and conquer.

Divide into reasonable portions and freeze, then you can use it whenever you want.

3.foodouble duty!!!

What started out as simple vegetable soup, double duties a couple of days later as spicy mushroom -chickpeas-lemongrass Thai style hearty soup.

what started out as baked potatoes, turned to veggie burgers a couple of days later when the demand for baked potatoes turned to be lower than expected.

4.Oven double duty.

Turned on the oven? make it a double-duty heat!

Use both racks for extra efficiency and frugality.




you get 5 for the price of one.

#1:you get leg workout out.

#2:you get upper body workout.

#3:you get aerobic going. provided you swim fast enough and don’t wander about in the water.

#4:you get to listen to good music with no interruptions.


How Metallica stepped up my game at the pool this morning

(Music sounds so much better underwater!!! )

#5:you can even spend your swimming time meditating.

That is what I call efficiency.

Enjoy, the cooliflower.

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