So I was thinking about food today.


I think about food all.the.time.

And since I highly appreciate easy nutritious yummy food, that happens to be vegan, I scrolled back and gathered some of my favorites.


1.mung beans sprouts+red rice+ tomato and cucumbers+ spicy chickpeas.oh and a few walnuts.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match almost any ingredient: meaning hot with cold, fruits with vegetables, sprouts with nuts, any kind of grains- rice, quinoa, whatever.

Ok try and make the grains whole, and protein-packed as possible, so quinoa is a great choice, plus it has a kind of bland indistinguishable taste that can easily mix with absolutely anything.


Here is a reminder of how to easily sprout on your basic kitchen table:

How (and why) I sprout my own sprouts

*This is lunch in the process:



#2: stuff red peppers with a mixture of whole grains and add a tomato sauce.


#3: Can’t beat the pasta:

to pack the protein too- add cooked lentils, cooked beans, chickpeas, nooch, tomato sauce, coconut cream curry sauce, olive oil, lunch is ready!

#4: chickpea flour omelet! 

Yes, we can. the basic ratio is 1:1 (cup chickpea flour to water). add nooch, ground pepper, get all kinds of veggies or grains or legumes in the pan ( I suggest before pouring the chickpea batter-like frittata) and enjoy life. if you really miss omelets- add turmeric- it gets that yellowish color.

#5: No shame in eating some salad! add cooked quinoa for the added protein. 


#6: cook those sprouts. with onion and some garlic, salt, and pepper, and you have a protein-packed quick meal, to use leftover sprouts.

#7: rice noodles in tomato- tofu sauce!


#8: baked sweet potatoes and apples. yes, apples. they combine well no worries, 


#9: Buckwheat. it’s an acquired taste. but super healthy so if you like it- you nailed it. try cooking it with onions and garlic and some vegetable oil, maybe add some sweet potatoes for good measure. and yet- it is an acquired taste.


#10. basic 101 bean stew. always saves the day. comfort food in the essence.


Enjoy- the cooliflower.

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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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