Who doesn’t like potatoes??

they can be boiled, pureed, baked, fried, french fried, cut into Mc Donald’s chips, and more.

And yet-

I kind of stopped buying and making them, thinking they are basically starchy-no fiber- high in carbohydrates only- no vitamins food.

But then…

My son got me researching protein-packed food, so I learned some pretty amazing stuff.

  • need I really remind you again that I am an early retired criminal lawyer, not a health certified anything, just a health and nutrition enthusiast, that has now plenty of free time and some strong will to learn as much as I can about healthy nutritious food-plus I am a super generous human being who shares whatever I find with you.

Oh- and The thing is- I believe fancy expensive super complicated food is for rich fancy people, not for me.
95% of my food staples are bought through my online supermarket, using all kinds of coupons, I never eat out or order in, and I do my very best to cook as much as I can from scratch and simplify the process while at it.
*I strongly believe that if more people knew how to prepare simple nutritious meals at home- then they would understand how beneficial the vegan diet is- since it checks on all requirements: healthy, nutritious, basic, simple, tasty, and even super frugal!!

Back to the potatoes.

So apparently there are contradicting opinions online as to the health and nutrition benefits of these beautiful easy-to-make frugal household staples.

The facts:

Here is a link that sums up the importance and FAQ: potato info

And to make it extra clear:

the pros:

A baked potato is quite filling and supplies you with 3 grams of protein ( nice amount), and quite a lot of potassium and vitamin C. the total calories from 1 baked potato- 110, is definitely not high, especially for the value you get.

The frugal point is not forgotten- potatoes are a cheap staple and -if stored in a dark -relatively cool place, can keep for at least a few weeks, though please don’t make my mistake -if your house starts smelling like there is a problem with your gas stove- go check your potato stack.

one rotten potato can really deprive you of the joy of life.

the cons:

the nutrition facts are valid for a baked potato. “naked”.

meaning- not slathered in butter-cheese- whatever, not fried in deep oil or pureed Joel Robuchon style.

Watch here if you are interested in what that means.

Robuchon mashed potatoes

If you are very anxious to know and can’t wait to watch the clip- it basically means putting a lot of butter to join the potatoes.

this makes a super tasty puree but the nutrition facts alter. a bit.

Also- if you are watching your carbohydrate intake- the potato is rich in carbs, 26 grams, so do your math and decide if you are in or out.

If you are in here is my pro tip for cutting at least half of the added olive oil needed to prepare nicely baked potatoes-

like these:




these sweet potatoes weren’t prepared using the pro tip, because the tip is difficult to apply to sweet potatoes, and the result was double the amount of olive oil. yet super tasty baked potatoes. ( you will be surprised to hear that actually sweet potatoes contain less protein than regular white potatoes. (only 2 grams for 1 serving).

So what is the pro tip? I can’t stand the suspense!

The tip is to first boil the potatoes until they are quite soft- though not totally soft- definitely not breaking apart(!!) and then transfer them to a baking tray- drizzle a little oil and coarse salt, perhaps rosemary if you got some- and bake for 20 minutes- while the oven is working anyway. (frugal. told you). by the way, don’t peel them. quite a lot of the fiber and vitamins are in the potato skin, so why bother?

first, boil, then bake

This way- the potatoes turn out crispy yet tender, yummy yet healthy, nutritious yet fast to make.


Enjoy- the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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