Am I the only one to finish breakfast and start planning lunch?

Am I the only one that eats breakfast at 8 am and at 10 starts wondering what I’m about to eat next- and ultimately start wandering towards the fridge?

I never worked from home, and since my early retirement, this constant semi-hungry feeling is a dominant feature in my life.

I love to cook and bake, and I love to eat- too.

I love experimenting in the kitchen (in my small kitchen, don’t need a designer expensive out of a glam magazine kitchen to love cooking and make it a daily habit to cook-read here my previous post on the subject-Making my own rice milk: is it cost effective??)

The thing is since my early retirement 4 months ago, I enhanced my workout routine- I got a gym membership where I have been swimming for the past year. It was time to renew my entrance pass to the swimming pool, and as it turns out, paying for an all included entrance to all the gym has to offer, including the pool, costs almost the same as a ticket for once a week pool entrance…

This all included thing wasn’t relevant for me until now, and it is high time to use this membership!

So – after a lot of trials and error-lately my routine has established:  I get my new motorcycle going and drive to the gym 3 times a week:

On Fridays- I swim 3 kilometers (60 laps-half Olympic pool)then wash quickly, eat my frozen smoothy ( by the time I finish swimming it thaws just enough for me to eat it -with 2 tbsp of ground flax seeds and my homemade rawnola  (ground rolled oats +ground almonds and walnuts- C’est tout! no baking or oil involved, nor sweeteners) sprinkled on it, then I quickly go up the stairs for a charging 90 minutes yoga class.

this is how it looks at home
and less appealing yet just as tasty- at chez gym

By the way- the smoothy is orange because of the turmeric I add generously to it. it takes some time to get used to the taste but you simply can’t argue with the health benefits of turmeric.

*”Pro” tip- don’t forget to bring a spoon, you will definitely look strange trying to scoop this up with your fingers..)

The plastic box on the table is how I make sure the smoothy container- that comes right out of the freezer into the warm summer air- doesn’t “sweat” in the gym too- and drenches my change of clothes and phone, etc.

On Mondays– I run 6 k on the treadmill, go get a quick shower, eat my smoothy and go upstairs for a core -strength class, followed by a pilates class.

on Wednesday– the same as Monday.this whole routine changes every week or so, when I decide IU simply have to go to spinning class, or try out the Zumba class. (I spent 5 seconds at the zumba class and got so intimidated that I left , and since then I am learning basic Zumba online-when I progress I will try again).

On Saturday I run a trail near my home with my dog for 6 k, then a bit of toning- body weight and some weights too, and Tuesdays and Thursdays- I do yoga at home with my Downdog app.

yoga! yoga? what the **** is crow pose???

Busy, I know.

I love every minute of it, and I feel stronger and more fit- yet definitely hungrier too.

Now I am well aware that my hunger might have more to do with the proximity of the fridge than my workouts, still, this is the situation, and in my experience, there is absolutely no use to try and suppress those semi-hungry feelings or try to ignore them.

Mind you that since my intermittent fasting diet routine, I don’t eat after lunch the previous day-  12:00 am sometimes 13:00- until after I finish my first workout- be it swimming or running or yoga.

Yes, this does mean that I don’t eat pre-workout meals, and I am aware some might think it strange or unhealthy.

In my personal experience, maintaining my fasting before workouts doesn’t harm my performance- quite the contrary- it benefits my workout.

But- to each his own- as usual- do what your brain/heart tells you to do- or whichever organ you depend on most in making health and nutrition decisions.

Naturally, when I get home from the gym, though eating my smoothy at 8, I am hungry again at around 10-10:30. Mind you I am just as hungry on days I do my yoga at home so…

But- I have to take into consideration my intermittent fasting diet, which means that in 3 hours top I will eat lunch- my main and last meal for the day, so my snack needs to be light yet effective -so to speak.

Lately, these are my go to’s for a light-simple- easy- healthy yummy snack:(sometimes I get so hungry I simply eat all of the listed snacks one after the other…).

#1: Simple  s a l a d!


Yes, there are hot green peppers there. yes, it was spicy, maybe even too spicy to be honest.

Then came the pleasant version of the above spicy salad:


Simply cut them veggies, sprinkle salt and pepper- yes ground black pepper- some lemon juice and a few walnuts and you are good to go. for the next 2 hours, I mean.

#2: MMMM Muffins! (GF+V!)


Vegan gluten-free oatmeal banana muffins.

Found the recipe online- vegan gf oatmeal banana muffins

Mine looks a bit different because (as always) I tweaked here and there with the ingredients I had at home- for instance, I didn’t have 3 ripe bananas so I used a frozen premade banana smoothy I had in the freezer, and I didn’t have 3 cups of oats so I used some frozen almond pulp I had from my Diy almond milk experience. I also didn’t use so much sugar- substituted for a bit more agave syrup. turned out great so.

#3: Vegan homemade yogurt with sliced bananas and mango- topped with my rawnola.

*By the way- this is frozen mango -I don’t mind though it does have a slightly different taste.

The vegan yogurt is easy to make at home-here is the link that links to another link. there you go falling through the rabbit hole of links.  start from scratch


#4: How very English of me- toast and jam me lady! ( no I do not live in England, but this tastes great none the less)

I made the jam in 3 seconds- no sugar added!

* though it is not sugar-free- the dried fruit are super sweet- contain a high amount of fructose so please in moderation!

I simply soak any dried fruit I have at home in hot water for 30 minutes- and blend the dried fruit and some of the soaking liquid- together with some walnuts- in my Braun hand mixer and voila! jam!


apricot jam
fig jam. Bam. 

#5: Leftover almond pulp V+GF cookies. 

Go frugal beasts.

Here is the link to my previous post where I tell the secret of the frugal almond residue cookies.

My DIY almond milk v. my DIY rice milk: who cares?


#6: Simply grab a fruit. (you don’t really need anyone to tell you that -do you? )




I am linking my previous post on useful summer diet tips-

My summer diet-useful tips here!

Enjoy- the cooliflower.

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