Summer is here-

And where I live this means temperatures are around 30+celsius( 86+ Fahrenheit)- and this is considered “spring”…

So no way I can keep eating the same way I did during the winter-


20181225_102709.jpgYou get the point.

For breakfast, I used to have homemade rice milk, heated in a pan, with flax seeds, turmeric, and homemade rawnola (homemade granola that didn’t go through the baking process. just because I didn’t feel it needed it. no laziness involved, though I might not swear on it).

Or apple stew, again heated, with ground flax seeds and rawnola again.


Now- I am gladly back to my smoothies-

Frozen bananas, homemade rice milk, dates, water, turmeric, carrots, and an apple. quantities are definitely a matter of taste and preference in my opinion.


These are the flax seeds, before going into the machine as pink Floyd said.



Ok, this is how they look after being processed by my oh-so-powerful Vitamix.

These are really good for you and for such a superfood- not that expensive.

read my post on that: Flax- point! how I simplify my healthy eating with minimum cost!


Yea they look ripe to the verge of too ripe, this is when they are sweet like actual sugar, I kid you not. this is exactly when no one wants to eat them.(except for really strange people that don’t mind eating a mushy banana that almost collapses in their hand, and the mothers of these strange people, that convinced them that they are still good to eat as is).

Peel them’ freeze them, and you will thank me later. trust me.



Ok, these are, obviously my Watsons, carrots.

Why bother taking a picture of them?

Well because I am sharing another great tip here, you are most welcome.

Oh, wait -need I remind you AGAIN that I am no dietitian, nutrition expert, any kind of expert, just an early retiree, ex-lawyer, a firm believer in nutritious healthy yummy easy vegan food and lots of exercise as means to get great health and good spirit?

I believe in using your brain since there seems to be a point in almost all organs we have in our body ( there is still a question about the appendix though, but this is not the place nor the moment to open this to discussion).

Why would we have such a powerful organ as the brain and let it go to waste?

No way people-use that brain of yours, don’t accept anything you haven’t checked yourself and understood fully well how it works and if it fits you and your beliefs.

So eat what you want, when and how, and how much you want to-

And only try my advice if it fit your body and mind.

Back to the great tip-

Carrots are a real treat, they are super nutritious, light on the calories, and that orange color is really psychedelic-


No way anyone is going to eat them unpeeled.

And when you want something to eat, 98% of the time- you won’t start peeling a carrot.

maybe those strange people that eat very ripe bananas will, and their mothers as well, but everyone else- well -they will grab a handful of walnuts instead.


So peel them ahead.

Sure- but they dry like the Sahara in the fridge after being peeled.


So I read somewhere that people put them in mason jars.

Tried that.

Had to fight for 30 minutes to get each carrot out of the jar because they would cling to their carrot friends for help. yes, it was devastating.

So I simply peel them and put them in a regular pyrex, cover them with tap water and store them in the fridge. I change the water every couple of days- yes use the water for watering the plants or washing the dishes or something.



Another vital ingredient. so pretty, and super nutritious. goes well in smoothies.


Who needs sugar when nature lets us eat Medjool dates???

Then for lunch-

protein and vegetables, and some carbs.

Today for example:


Lentil stew, combined with pasta, with vegan parmesan (nooch with ground cashew nuts and garlic powder. and some salt to taste), and some basil from my garden.

(love the sound of that, might repeat it a few more times).

Eat lighter, but don’t forget your protein and vitamins, drink more fluids- no sugar added-

And enjoy-

the cooliflower.

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

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    1. Thank you Carmen for reading and taking the time to comment! Have a healthy (and fun) summer!


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