Well- you should care.

Because as it happens I have enough free time (yessssssss early retirement) to do you all the favor of checking out all kinds of very important things you were wanting to check but life etc.

I, on the other hand, since being retired and an introvert -have nothing to hold me back from those strange experiments.

*more on me being a class A  introvert -read here: 5 reasons why being an introvert is actually beneficial -and a useful tip

As it happens I am also frugal and a striving minimalist, and love learning how to make stuff from scratch, so you guys get to enjoy all the knowledge without the hard work.

in a previous post I checked out DIY rice milk, and the results were really good: read here in case you already forgot what was written or god forbid you didn’t read the post to begin with:

Making my own rice milk: is it cost effective??

Then I had to try its nemesis: the almond milk.

Almond milk is slightly healthier, since instead of rice- it contains, quite naturally- almonds, that are a great source of protein.

So I checked this out- and here are the results.

#1: the process: 

almond milk takes more time to make in my experience since the almonds need to be soaked overnight, but more importantly- as opposed to the rice milk, that in my Vitamix needed no straining before use- the almond milk has to be strained, unless you are brave enough to peel the brown skin ahead, which is equally tiresome , plus you don’t get the benefit of that great almond residue that is left after straining the almond milk.



Ok, this is how I strain: no official straining bag, just straining fabric I bought on eBay for I think a dollar for a square meter. I cut out a piece every time I think the previous piece is over the hill, so to speak. (maybe I should have written “whenever the old piece is strained” that would have been more appropriate, but then again, I didn’t so).

IMG_20190330_165536.jpgIMG_20190330_165944.jpgOk- the process is so: after soaking 1 cup of plain raw almonds over night, I add the soaked almonds (sans the water they soaked in!) to my Vitamix, add 2 cups of cold water, and 3 pitted Medjool dates that soaked in a glass of hot water for 15 minutes. this time- I do include the soaking water, be noted.

All in all- 3 cups of water and 1 cup of almonds, make quite a thick consistency.

If you prefer lighter consistency- add more water.

Blend for 2 minutes on high.

Then strain.

The straining is the funny part because it automatically reminds you of all the jokes they make about vegans waking up at 4 in the morning to milk their almonds. hilarious.

Now the thing is- in my experience, and I know websites say otherwise but this is me- almond milk doesn’t keep well in the refrigerator. after 2 days in my fridge, it starts to smell funny and, well, no one wants to use it.

So naturally I tried to freeze it, and though sites say it freezes ok- it. did. not.

The almond milk separated in the freezer into clusters that made it impossible to use plain- only- and not always- in baking.


There is that great residue left after straining the almond milk:


I freeze the residue in a glass jar, and when the jar is full- I make gluten-free vegan cookies from it!


I simply put the residue _ oat flour (I grind oat in the Braun hand mixer, add some raw tahini, agave syrup, and a little baking powder and mix. I don’t have measurements since I don’t measure it- I just keep tasting until I am full /it tastes good- whichever comes first. then form small shaped round cookies and to the oven for about 10 minutes- until firm and golden . 

Another thing to consider is cost

Almonds are not cheap where I live, certainly much more expensive than  rice, and even after subtracting the great cookies I make from the residue- since this milk does not perform well in my fridge in terms of keeping for a few days and freezing- I have to say  this Diy milk -in my opinion (!)- is not cost effective, as opposed to its nemesis- the rice milk.

I would make it on weekends- when everyone is having a banana milkshake, and I can use the whole amount at once+enjoy that great residue=cookies!

enjoy- the cooliflower.







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