I believe in depending on myself only.

I do everything in my power not to ask for help- any kind of help- from anybody, and aside from stuff like electricity and plumbing -and of course car repairs -I can think of a few more but trying not to let you zzzzzz away- I believe you got the drift.

I cook from scratch, clean my house, work in the garden and save the world.

*well, I haven’t gotten to the last one yet but I am definitely on it.

That is why I do not depend on anyone- or anything for that matter- to cheer me up every morning.

It is nobodies job to cheer me up -but mine.

I don’t expect my partner to do it, I don’t expect my kids to do it, and I most certainly don’t expect my work to pick me up-I have no expectations from my workplace none what so ever. (early retirement, anyone?)

So- the (legit) alternatives left were- not doing anything. meaning- let it be let it be and all that relaxed thing, which in my case means only one thing: sinking into misery-or- taking matters to my own hands!

Guess what- I chose the latter.

And I am here to tell you how this worked- because it did-and still does- so why not be generous and share the knowledge?


These tips are frugal, healthy, and environmental so.

#1: I keep a notepad on my nightstand, and first thing in the morning, every morning– I write something nice to myself.

something in the lines of “good morning love” -you get the drift. I also draw a heart in different markers. I know this sounds silly, but In the past, I used to think of myself all kinds of things, none of them nice and reassuring. none of the words I spoke to myself (in my head) were kind and loving. most of them were scolding and at times- hard times- even insulting.

I finally realized a few months ago that this has to change, and I promised myself to give myself a break.

One of the measures I took to train myself to be kinder to me- was the notepad.

The notepad you see in the picture below- hiding under the Ipad, is my second one already.

I found out I start scribbling notes to myself once I reach the pad, and this has become somewhat of a journal- unintentionally.


#2: listen to good music.

Sure- music is a matter of taste – but some bands are considered classics because there was something clean and pure in the sound they made, which made it timeless.

My go to’s are Pink Floyd (all albums except for “animals” -what happened there??) Deep purple, led zeppelin, rainbow, Metallica, and women music writers like Kate Bush, Alanis Morisette, Tracy Chapman, and Chrissie Hynde. and many more.

Find music that gets you going and a pair of good headphones and simply enjoy yourself.

life is good (at least it is when you listen to music).

#3: cleaning the house:

Ok, I know what you’re thinking- but just try it. combined naturally with tip #2. full volume.


Clean green / V for vinegar

click for reading more on my green and simple cleaning routine.

#4: Talk with my partner.

he has a way of looking at complicated things in a unique way that simplifies them.

#5: when #4 is no help- I talk to my daughter. 

I am proud glad to say this girl ( now almost 27) has turned out to be one of my “go to” people. she is smart and super funny and I like the way she thinks.

#6: read a good book

I am aware I sound like an introvert nerd. and I am proud to be one.

#7: cook ( and eat )something good.

I love food. I love eating. and I love cooking. and eating tasting the food while making it.

planning my next meal is one of my favorite pastimes. I make a big deal of food I know. I tell myself it’s a matter of respecting myself and my body. this is true- but I also really like to eat.


#8: working out

naturally located right after #7.

But I work out not to “get rid” of anything, because I don’t look  at good food as something you need to “get rid of”, not to mention that many times working out makes me twice as hungry, but because I understand how important working out consistently is crucial for everyone- and when you get to 50+ -you understand the tremendous benefits of the years you worked out- so you keep going. this is my experience anyway.

#9: meditating

simple and effective.

#10. having only meaningful conversations

I am an introvert, and small talk is a task I have great difficulty with. so I stopped having meaningless conversations- I avoid crowded places and meeting places, and when someone at work starts a conversation with me- If I am up to it- I make a true effort to turn the conversation to a meaningful one. I do that by looking at the person speaking to me, I mean really looking. and listening to the tone of his words. many times I simply ask about something meaningful to the speaker that is about to happen or has happened already, and dig under the surface of “it was great!”. turns out people are anxious to have this kind of conversations and leave my room thanking me -when most times I just listened -but not to the usual chit-chat- I can’t relate to this in any way- but to people’s real feelings and emotions that I can. sometimes.

#11: saying kind words

Turns out people -all people- need to hear kind words- if they are true and not fake compliments. I know that if I decide to put the effort in it- I can find something kind to say to almost all the people I work with. and saying it to them- not all the time let’s not exaggerate here- makes both parties feel good . for free.

These were my tips. love to hear more. enjoy- the cooliflower.( thanks pixels for that really good mood photo for free).



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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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