How I downsized my wardrobe -and no- I do not wear the same pants every day. (part 2).


On my previous post I left you all wondering how I use this colorful scarf to lift a boring out fit and so lead others to believe I have multiple items of clothing when the truth is I downsized my wardrobe seriously.

The truth is I no longer care what others think of my wardrobe situation, but I am terrified of boring myself with dull and never changing outfits.

Like food – and music- I need change, diversity, experiencing new colors, new looks, new flavours. you get the drift.

I used to satisfy this need for constant change with buying new clothes, but since september 2016 (that Barcelona trip where I bought this gorgeous scarf in the picture above) I didn’t spend any money on clothes, and only got into a store once -and used a gift card I had. for me -those 26 months without the rush of buying new clothes- was very challenging at first, but I must admit that now I am used to it and this seems like this is my usual state. (I assure you that there were some mad shopping sprees in my past- wow I find it hard to relate to the person who went on these sprees).

Ok -so how do I manage to surprise and thrill myself every day with that downsized wardrobe?

Again- I mix and match:


but- lo and behold option 2!


different scarf- different person!



Ha! I told it’s not the same pants!



As you can see- there are 8 different outfits here with 2 pairs of pants and one blouse-the trick is to play with colorful scarves,

I didn’t even get started on the shoes- those can be total game changers too.

The top rules when mix and matching -is first have your clothes in good condition- clean and smelling good- no buttons missing or zipper accidents or stains -that ruins the whole outfit.

second- if you are going to meet the same people every day- mix and match with your whole wardrobes don’t repeat your self too frequently. give them a little time to forget this specific outfit.

I must admitt I now believe that most people are occupied 99% of the time with themselves -and not with you or with other people so there is no need to stress about the second rule too much- just change something- your blouse/your pants- and no one will say anything .

Happy downsizing!

The cooliflower.



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