How I downsized my wardrobe and does this mean I wear the same pants everyday???(part 1)

This is my wardrobe:


20181027_124758.jpgThis has all my fall + winter clothing including my “formal attire” -my every day going to work clothes, my workout clothes, and my “wear at home where no one sees you and you can feel realy comfortable ” clothes .

I have another shelf where I put my spring+summer clothing.

Sure- it’s not even close to those hard core people who can count their clothes on one hand (with 3 fngers pulled down) but for me this is a huge change.

I now have 3 pairs of jeans (Levi’s , of course, love them. bought them 4 years ago and they look new, I mean not nerdy new but good looking new) -2 blue ones and one black pair, 3 pairs of cotton pants, (mustard-yellow, green and red-yes red), 3 bottoned blouses  in different colors, 2 white blouses, 1 large sweater, 5 light sweaters, 2 coats, 3 light jackets, a few turtle necks (black, gray, boring)  some flannel white shirts for home’ and a few other garments I may have forgot mentioning but are all in the picture.

I also have a nice scarf rack consisting of these colorful scarves:


Now I know that the first tip people are given when declaring the goal of minimalization is “keep your wardrobe calm”- meaning have most of it within the range of blacks-grays and whites, so it’s easier to mix and match .

I agree with the rule -but wish to make some ammendments to it, if I may.

First- not all people are  black-grey-white kind of people. some love pink-purple- blue and some have a crush on reds. who knew.

Second- I ‘ve found that it’s easier for me to mix and match -and still get a sense of wearing something different every day- when my basic wardrobe (capsule if you wish) has, alongside the black-greys, some colorful items I can play with while building my outfit.

But- and this is a crucial point in my opinion- there has to be some sense behind those colorful items: you can’t just go and buy the fukiest hippi shirt and then wonder why you never wore it- since you don’t have anything that matches it.

There needs-in my opinion- to be some kind of a connection- even a remote one -neverthe less still existing- between the “boring” capsule garments, and the colorfl items.

Such a connection is achieved mant times by having one of the basic wardrobe’s colors- appear as one of the colors on the playful garment.

I have a Desigual scarf I bought a few years ago in barcelona for 30 euro’s, and I have used it so many times since, that I feel I got my money’s worth and even more.


At first I thought- oh my god- so many colors-what will I do with this?

But this is exactly the point.

This scarf is a game changer for many “boring” outfits, and has so many colors that I can easily find something that relates to it in my basic wardrobe.

examples next time.

ciao- the cooliflower.









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