For years I was hooked on Abercrombie&fitch’s “blushed” perfume.

Great smell, lots (and lots) of compliments, and the best -it is cruelty free– which is not common for great quality perfumes.

Before that I used L’Occitane products  but ever since their going into the chinese market’ I couldn’t clearly understand if they were still totally cruelty free or not. their web site says that their cruelty free policy hasn’t changed but other sites say that once you start selling in the chinese market- their regulations are strict about testing the products on animals first- so- I don’t know. I do know that L’occitane products have a divine smell and wear great so if they stopped being cruelty free- it is a pity.

I strongly recommend checking your beauty products, soaps, creams, make up and perfume -to see if it is tested on animals. 

There re so many great alternatives out there- why hurt a living creature to use a specific brand ? 

to make it easier -PETA: people for ethical treatment of animals- has a great website- that has a list of companies that do- and don’t test their products on animals .

companies that get PETA’s approval – have a “leaping bunny”  sign: leaping bunny certification.

So it’s actually very easy: just look for that cute leaping bunny and you are settled

But- some companies do not test on animals and do not have the leaping bunny- so just download the list in the link and whan your family asks you why the change of products- you can smile and inform them you saved an animal from torture today. and tomorrow. and they can too.

peta’s list

So what about that perfume?

I “blame” that vipassana course again..(this is the detailed post about that course- The birthday presents I gave myself-part 1

*I know this sounds somewhat like a brain wash -but I can promise you I am not affiliated with any organization or company any where (although I wouldn’t mind if LEVI’S wanted to adopt me I love their jeans ) ; I get nothing from telling you about this course- except knowing that if you will leave cynicism aside- you will go through a very powerful experience- not a religious one- but an interesting quest towards yourself.

*(The vipassana course has no admission fees- you can donate whatever sum you want to- but only whan you complete the course and if you feel that it has made an impact on you).

Sitting for hors in a meditation hall , close-very close-to other women -smelling their perfume -left me uneasy with the mere smell of anything that is not a clean smell of soap .

I thought this discomfort would pass but untill now it hasn’t, so for the time being I’m sticking to soap and natural smelling lotion for dry skin.

Then I began loking for a good soap that not only smells good, (but doesn’t smaell like a perfume ) but is also made from quality ingredients, was not tested on animals, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

I’ve found a brand that meets almost all those criterias: and again I remind you that (sadly) I am not sponsored by them- or by anybody else so this is not only my honest opinion- but I gain absolutely 000000000 from it . buy it or not- your choice- as is everything else in your life. use your brain to make the right decisions that fit you and your life style. 

The brand I found is Dr Bronner’s liquid soap:

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪dr bronner‬‏

their site lays the philosophy behind the brand -believing in hard work, fair trade, organic and pure ingredients that harmless to the body- and to earth. the products are biodegradable and not tested on animals (yes- the bunny has leaped) and because the products contain pure castile soap- ou can use it for pest control in the garden too.

The only criteria this soap isn’t stellar on is the price.

This soap is not cheap. at all.

A 32 ounce bottle costs around 18$.  (on their site- I bought it on sale at my online supermarket for less. I must admit that if it weren’t on sale I don’t think I would have bought it).

But- I must say that the phrase “a little goes a long way” is definitely true when it comes to this soap.

Unlike other soaps- this takes only a few drops to lather a nice foam and a good wash- including a great sell of pure essential oils- I tried the tea tree and the orange ones.

Also- the company claims that the liquid soap has 18 (!) different uses- I linked the list so you can be impressed by their thinking that people would pay so much money on a bottle of liquid soap and use it to do their laundry (???) or wash the floors (???)  wash the dishes (???) or clean the toilet(???).

18 uses for dr bronner’s liquid soap

But fear not -I found a frugal way to double use this soap -so you get to smell the nice smell twice. (+get to feel like a rich person using this soap for every day use around the house).

I put a few drops in my humidifier, and dilute it with a glass of water- light one of these small warming candles underneath it and get the nice smell of sandalwood/tea tree/orange or whatever you choose, plus- and this is another bonus- cleaning the humidifier afterwards is a piece of cake- not like regular essential oils that in my experience left  some residue that needed scrubbing, this trick need only a little hot water- and the vessel is crystal clean!

What about the frugal double trick you ask? well- first you don’t have to buy expensive essential oils, (the soap contains castile soap and essential oils)-and– when the candle is done and the water needs changing- go ahead and use the previous  dilluted water to clean the floor/toilet/dog  (or cat- if you are a cat person, and your cat isn’t satisfied with it’s own cleaning method. Listen I am obviously a dog person, I have never been a cat perso si I don’y even know if you are supposed to wash yor cat or not/ my dog hates getting washed so much that whrn we triesto wash it in the past, he would wscape and immediately start rolling like a mad dog in the mud. and sometimes it wasn’t mud. so we gave up on that.but uor dog has it’s castle out side the house and isn’t an “indoor dog” so the situation may well be deifferent for small indoor cute dogs.) 20181031_071439.jpg

*About inhaling this- I got the idea after reading in the Dr bronner’s blog that you can safely inhale diluted soap in warm water- to relieve congestion. so I figure there is no difference if you inhale this directly (the picture on the blog has a person standing over a bowl with a towel over his head )or use it directly on your skin or hair– and using this in a humidifier in a ventilated and aired room. ( I always keep my window open- completely in the spring-fall-summer, and slightly in winter time).

*But- as always- should this tip sound suspicious or hazardous to you– please use your common sense and search it or simply don’t do it. I haven’t checked this medically /chemically and I have no intentions to cause you any discomfort or anything but happiness .

Any way- assuming you are simply going to get a good shower and wish to smell great and use a high quality product that wasn’t tested on animals and believes in fair trade and doing good environmentally- this is a good candidate in my opinion.

After showering -I put on a simple body lotion  odorless so it doesn’t contrast with the soap, put on my baby face lotion on my face and head to bed to read something and go to sleep.

Baby face cream???

Lady you are no baby and we know that!

Yup that is true, but I’m thinking that whatever is good for a baby’s face- can’t be bad for my face, and I’ve seen good results using this simple and plain baby face cream -75 ml cost me only 10 $ and last for at least 2 moths of every day use. (only at night- in the morning I use a day cream that has 30 spf and some anti-aging blah blah-costs 15 $ for 50 ml).

Adios- the cooliflower.













dr bronner’s wonder soap

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