Why (and how) I stopped wearing any makeup-and a frugal tip!

I celebrated my 50th birthday at a vipassana course. read here why and howThe birthday presents I gave myself-part 1.

Quite naturally , so to speak, I wore no make up during the 10 day course, and this was a big deal for me, I must admit.

Up untill then, I wore make up every day to work . 

On  weekends , since I try not to go out (Introvert anyone? hi!) I simply avoided looking at mirrors . ( I am not joking, sadly this is the truth. I did wash my face and teeth, of course, but made a true effort not to look at my reflection , and since I am near-sighted and wear glasses, I managed pretty well to avoid a close look at my “naked” face”.)

On the occasions that my lame tricks weren’t cutting it and I had to look at myself in the mirror while wearing no make up- I didn’t like what I saw.

Sad , I know.

My beauty routine consisted of this long and exhausting list:

1.wash face, and put lotion on. (lotion has at least 30 spf so check on sunscreen)

2. wait a few minutes for the lotion to absorb.

3. put primer on.

4. wait a few minutes for primer to fully absorb.

5. put on foundation.

6. wait a few minutes for the foundation to fully absorb.

7. put on fixating powder.

8. check every thing is ok and pat face lightly with a tissue paper.

9. use bronzer on cheeks and chin.

10. use anti -feathering lip pencil.  people- I am 50. this is an essential product if you put on lipstick.

11. put on lip liner– including on the lips – a great trick that kept my lipstick on for the whole day. and that layering -wow how many compliments I got on my lipstick shade: the secret was using 4 different products and layering.

12. after lip liner- put on lipstick.

13. put on liquid lip liner– yup I did that too.

14.Are you tired yet? because this too was done -every day: lip gloss!

15. go to sleep. no- not realy but it is a tiresome routine that took place every day. 

16. touch ups- I had a mirror in my office and every couple of hours I had to check everything was in place- that my make up wasn’t shining or wandering around (I have an oily skin so ) and/or that my lipstick did not stick to my teeth ( has happened).

17. Mascara.

18. check to see if mascara didn’t smear all over my face. (has happened).

*Just to make sure you know all my make up was cruelty free (milani) and really great products- I gave it all to a family member who has the same colors as I do.

So what happened?

I actually got many compliments on the way I looked with make up and milani has fair prices- so it’s not that.

I suddenly understood I was using my make up as a shield from the world. a mask I put on- so I can face having to deal with people. 

With make up I felt that I going on stage every morning, putting on a (very) convincing act – that makes people believe I am a very confident person and have no trouble connecting with anyone- all the while I knew that the truth is I am a true and total introvert and it takes a lot of my energy to deal with people -especially people at the office- not to mention deal with office politics. 

So what changed?

I turned 50 , and I already told you I took my vipassana course seriously-I spent a lot of time contemplating my life and my conduct.

Understanding I didn’t need that mask was a true revelation for me.

The first few days I was in panic- can this really hold on? will my courage fade away ?

But here I am- 2 months after that decision- still with a “naked face”, and my routine consists now of these two stages.

1. wash face .

2. put lotion on.

my lotion is a very simple non cruelty mineral lotion that has 30 spf and doesn”t make my oily face shine.

I took the mirror off the wall at my office.

No need for any touch ups.

And the frugal tip? (besides the obvious major downsize in your make up budget and the huge time and energy saver this decision is?)

I discovered that my best accessory really is my smile. 


I can’t take a full picture of my face yet- untill I retire, I am aware this is quite a frightening picture but I hope you believe me I look really nice without any make up on, maybe not as attractive as before- but who cares???

And I must say- that I am sure many peopple think I look awful in my au natural state- but as I decided the important thing is that I can look at the mirror-  smile at myself- and be happy with the way I look.

this is worth a million to me.

ciao- the cooliflower.

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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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