yoga! yoga? what the **** is crow pose???

This is a crow.


I mean- fine. so he is standing on his 2 feet and looking at you.

There I was, doing really good on my (great!) down dog yoga app ( My 7 days a week exercize routine- all for 30$ a month (!?)). moving up the ladder from beginner 2 to intermediate 1: when all of a sudden this crow pose was born, along with  its evil twin- lolasana.


This- is crow pose in yoga, apparently.

Looking at the first picture above, I saw an innocent crow just standing there, minding its own business, not jumping or straining his arms or quads, as shown in picture 2. what happened?

I tried looking on-line for explanations all I found were instructions on how to get yourself to this strange situation where your whole bodyweight lies somewhere between your knees and your elbows.

instructions -how to do crow pose

At first- I was deeply discouraged. this looked so hard and I felt I could never do this.

If you are expecting me to say that I nailed those poses a week later (or by now) well I didn’t. I am still scared of those poses . but now I am looking at them as a chance to improve. as a challenge.

I believe There is no point in exercising if there is no progress.

Like everything else in life- since time keeps going forward at the same pace’ if you are not progressing you are in fact- going back.

So now this is my yoga goal: to nail those 2 difficult poses and be a proud crow.

Other then that- if anyone is mistaking yoga to be an easy stretching ‘feminine” thing for “after  long run” or “after a long weight lifting session at the gym”- well- speaking only from my experience- this is a practice to be respected by itself as a whole body- mind-strength-flexibility-core engaging exercise.

I feel new parts of my body I didn’t know existed, I feel stronger, more flexible, and on saturday, my swim welt easier somehow.

This great yoga app is free, and very user friendly, and why go on any further- just try it. grab a mat. (as usual- no affiliated anything or money made from promoting this. I simply like it. a lot.)

down dog app

enjoy- the cooliflower.





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