Why I bring myself flowers every friday (and how I do it frugally!)

I believe everyone loves flowers-right?

I mean- beautiful (have you ever seen a flower and looked away? even those scary “little shop of horrors” type are interesting to look at, not that I come across those every day, or at any day for that matter-wow that brought up memories of that campy movie- “feed me seymour!”.* If you haven’t the faintest idea of what I’m talking about- go check out this absurd frank oz creation, it’s a cult movie, definitely).

Anyway, assuming there is no dispute about the beauty of flowers, and I’m guessing no need to convince anyone that surrounding yourself by beautiful things is a great way to get you to smile and be happy- I’m guessing even the strictest minimalist would agree- though I truly have no clue since I know not that person, and what he/she might like /dislike, so.

So why devote a whole post on this undisputed subject?

Because there were (many) years I was under the gender-twisted notion that I’m supposed to sit and wait for someone to get me those flowers as a sign of love or gratitude or whatever.

Well thankfully no more. It took me 50 years of being around to realize that I know exactly what I like, and how I like it, and most importantly- that I can totally get it by myself.

This may seem obvious to ladies /gentlemen who have been living on their own but apart from a very short period in my life (when I got divorced and before my current partner and I got together) I have always lived with someone.

And please do not misunderstand me-

My partner is a great guy and this is not to say “hey read my post and go get me some flowers”- mainly because he doesn’t read my posts but also because I’m trying to make a different point altogether: I have finally reached that age and wisdom (sadly this wisdom in my case came only with age,I hope for you the case will be different) that allow me to be completely sure that I know what kind of flowers I like (hint -not store-bought!!!, another hint-  other than that- I love all flowers), and since we are on the subject I also know what kind of food I like (vegan, home cooked, simple, nutritious and tasty) , what kind of clothes I want to wear, what books I like to read and whether or not I want to watch tv (not. at. all.)I also know what kind of trips I want to take, how I plan to reach early retirement (read my previous post here: Why I want to retire early-and my plan to achieve it

I also know what my finances are about.read here my previous post on :. Why I believe in seperate accounts

Not only do I know all those things (and many more), but finally I have reached the level of confidence that allows me to be so sure of myself that I simply do it. I don’t wait for anyone or anything to happen before I “just do it” as Nike advertises. (I’m not a fan of advertisements but this is a good slogan I must admit).

So I get myself exactly the kind and colour of flowers I fancy that moment.

And this feels great.

So how do I get myself flowers every week the frugal way?


I usually go running on friday mornings ( don’t get all excited- a mere easy jog of 4 sometimes 5k, this is kind of my rest day -and also the day I do all my cooking for the week ahead so I need to tread lightly) and approximately in the middle of my route there are huge bushes of bougonvillea- red- white-purple- orange, the lot.

These huge bushes grow along the road in our village and I help myself to a few small branches (from the side, no way I’m breaking the bush itself) and continue running with my small bouquet and a big grin on my face. they are truly colorful and lift me up every time.

*These are a day or two old already. still smashing in my opinion.


go out there, ladies and gentlemen, pick yourselves some flowers (not endangered or protected flowers, and also please don’t help yourselves to anyones private garden- use your common sense ( and of course abide all laws and state rules where you live- and BE HAPPY!

enjoy- the cooliflower.








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