My zero food waste tips-part 2: fruit

Well  in my opinion this is definitely an easier task than not wasting any veggies. fruit is the best: at any form-shape-color-size- flavor.

20180808_155559.jpg Just look at that. no wonder there are so many stories connected to seduction by apples….

Like all fruit- of course the best possible way would be to eat them fresh, but sometimes life just gets in the way and your apples get one tiny bump-that deteriorates to that softening ugh big round spot that you bite into and regret waking up in the morning.

Don’t despair-the freezer does not discriminate the damaged from the good apples. just cut the apple roughly (I dont bother to peel before), leave off the yellow-brown spot and stick in a zipper bag in the freezer for future use.


What future use? anything from apple pies to banana-apple shakes to crumble- come on- there is always a use for a good frozen apple.


same here with this lovely mango.

(except for the baking part- never tried baking mango-if you succeeded at that please share.)

mango- what a fruit. definitely made in heaven. shakes, ice creams, anything sweet and frozen will benefit from a mango that went too soft for plain raw eating.


Berries: such freezer friendly creatures! just ziplock them and use straight from the freezer on top of muesli or in ice cream or shakes. do not thaw them before use-getts messy.


Now the ultimate bananas.


Just peel them and freeze them on parchment paper- and then divide-and conquer-ziplock them cut to 3 or 4 parts (each banana) so you can use in shakes, nice creams, what not. but please beware- do not thaw them before use and you can eat them frozen as a snack- but i do hope you can finish it off before it thaws-it is not a pretty sight. believe moi.


Here is a link to my previous post on them banans.

they’re as cold as ice

Also great freezer friendly fruits are grapes , nectarines, pears, peaches, I am sure manty more. if you are not a fan of sugar you do not always have to make jam when a fruit is too ripe . just keep cool and stick it in the freezer.

enjoy- the cooliflower.

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