My frugal journey- and a pair of torn flip flops as a symbol

I already told you my goal is to retire early.  (just in case- there is a link ): Why I want to retire early and my plan to achieve it.

I think it’s time I share the tips I am using-and are proving themselves as powerful tools- to reach this goal by saving more than 75% of my salary. 

*I live in a small house (but we have a large garden!)-so no need to downsize. I admit my partner has been complaining about the size of our house but I love its cozy feeling, and I strongly believe that keeping the house clutter-free and tidy makes for a perfect home- no matter how small it is.

*I decluttered following the Kon Mari method which I thought was beautiful because of her instructions to treat your item with total respect- while owning them- and when parting from them.

*Since going through my house using the Kon Mari method–  including all my closets, pantry,  kitchen cupboards, etc- I cut down my expenses drastically.

*since September 2016, I paid 0 $$$ for clothes or shoes: I went into a store twice throughout those almost  22 months and paid for the few items I picked with a gift card I got.

*I in-source almost all house chores– I clean the house, cook, bake,tend the garden,  never order take out or coffee, I go out to restaurants only when I cannot persuade the participants to come over to our home and enjoy my cooking (and I usually am very persuasive).

*my partner and I cut our own hair, and he does a great job at cutting our son’s hair.

*we exercise outside/inside the house using apps– no gym membership -but I have a 10 entrance ticket to the pool where I enjoy a weekly power 2 k swim listening to my music underwater : How Metallica stepped up my game at the pool this morning

*I do everything I can to save waterHow I Implied a zero water waste policy and how it (almost) works: 12 basic and useful tips.

*I made calls to my cell company-internet supplier-and my healthcare – and managed to take the price down significantly.

*I buy my groceries on line only once a month -but have a weekly order of organic vegetables delivered to my house-including fresh (and organic) local farmers’ produce. check my post on go salads.

*I buy in bulk- and preserve-freeze- keep in pantry .check my post on a vegan staple-  beans.

*I always take a cooler bag to work– carrying my meals and snacks for the day. so I never buy anything from vending machines or order lunch. they’re as cold as ice

*I learned to do my own nailsBeing frugal: Learning to do my own nails

(I have some more tips but I can’t reveal all my secrets at once.)

So the other day I had an AHA moment.

One of my “hanging in the garden” flip-flops tore down.

I know- it’s a masterpiece.


My partner asked me what I was going to do- since it’s summer and I wear flip-flops outside when I’m around the house all the time, and I told him I was going to check again around the house and the outside garden shed to see maybe I’ll find a pair long forgotten.

At this point my partner stared at me and said: “you know a new pair only costs a few $, right?”

I said I knew that, but I believe it is a matter of principle and of environmentalism. I told him that buying is for sure the easiest and quickest way to solve any problem, but using this method will make our world suffer from more pollution-not to mention-and I didn’t mention- the “small numbers add to huge numbers” rule. The reason I didn’t mention that rule is my partner is -to say the least -not on the same page as I am on the frugal subject, and this would only seem to him as me being a grade-A miser.

Then he just went to the garden shed and came back 3 minutes later with 3 (yes three) pairs of flip-flops we forgot we transferred there a long time ago- and since I only decluttered inside the house- I totally forgot they were there.

Sure-they were not new and shiny (come on, I  know flip-flops don’t shine) but they saved time, energy, earth junk and-of course- how can we forget some $.

This incident made me think of the previous me.

A few years ago I wouldn’t have hesitated to go and buy a new pair and wouldn’t even think about looking again.

I think being frugal and (for me-sort of) a minimalist is quite different when you earn good money and can definitely afford many things.

Many people believe that working hard and earning a good salary gives them permission to spend it whenever -and on whatever they wish.

Many times I’ve heard those phrases: “this is my hard-earned money, no use of taking it with me to the grave” (or another interesting way of putting it).

While I totally agree that money has no business lying in graves, I believe this way of thinking does not take into account our true independent wishes and desires-but only the instant – “brainwashed by commercials” desires.

A bigger car, a newer phone, a bigger house, designer clothes- I believe many people tend to think this is what they want or need- just because they are following trends or the desire “to have what everybody has”.

Well, people- these are great times to be unique, to stand out, be different. not like everybody else. the more you find out what you really are- and what you really want or need- the more special and whole you become. 

I am not a medical/health/emotional/financial /nutrition or any other kind of expert as far as it concerns the contents of this blog,  therefore anything written on the blog is not to be taken as any kind of advice, and should you choose to rely on anything  I write on this blog- you are doing it at your own risk and at your own responsibility.

ciao- the cooliflower.

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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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