How I Implied a zero water waste policy and how it (almost) works: 12 basic and useful tips.

Water is a powerful resource. we cannot survive without clean water, and yet so many abuse this resource..

I know I cannot save the world. I wish I could . But I fiercely believe that If every one of us would do all in his or her power to save as much water as he or she can It may have an exponential effect and things might look different. at least one can have hope.

So here are some tips I implemented at our home. Bear in mind that I cannot persuade all family members to participate because there are still the two that insist that “we were not born to suffer,   we will shower as long as we want and will definitely not shower with a bucket standing at the side of the shower “. but me and my other kid- the mindful no-waste environmentalist kid- are doing a good job keeping the water taps closed as much as we can, and we hope to someday- change the minds of the other two home living family members.

these tips are simple-take little time and almost no cost to implement-and result in saving both water- and $$ on the water bill.

#1: be mindful . all the other tips are derived from this basic simple one.

#2: we have quite a large garden that needs watering everyday. we have a water drip irrigation system that minimizes the water waste drastically. other than that U water the plants in the early  morning hours  -to avoid as much water evaporation as need to mention no green lawn anymore- just beautiful plants and flowers.

#3: quick and efficient showerswith our friend the infamous bucket. all the pre-worm water goes to the bucket -and are used to water the plants the next morning.showers do not exceed the minimum needed to be a very clean person but showers are not therapy. no need to do all your wondering /crying while the water is running.

#4: AC water– a bucket is standing under every ac unit and collects the water drip from it.

#5: Cooking water-pasta water, bean cooking water, vegetable washing water- i have a designated bowl in the kitchen next to my kitchen composter, and all the cooking water goes there- and used to water the garden the next day.

#6: collect rain water: the same buckets used in tip #4 to collect ac water in summer- are used to collect water from drain pipes in the winter.

#7: an obvious one- when brushing your teeth and getting soaped or shampoo your hair –turn the water faucet off.

#8: I never leave the house without a water bottle filled with ice-cold water. sometimes when i get back home- the bottle is half full. it is a habit of mine to empty the bottles on one of my plants.

#9: be aware of dripping faucets– both in -and out of the house.

#10: ok- ever seen “meet the fockers”? barbara sreisand and dustin hoffman playing a cool hippie couple practicing yoga and eating clean? remember their toilet flushing rule? if you don’t remember- go check it out. this movie makes me laugh. out. loud.

#11: have an outside water hose? put a water-loving plant under it to collect all dripping water from it. for example- mint loves water- the more the better .


#12: before washing your floors- broom it /use the IRobot -so the majority of dirt will be cleared and you will not need to use that much water to get the floors clean.

remember- we only have one planet (currently )- the cooliflower.

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