How to get up early

Assuming you were impressed with my previous post and thought it’s a good idea to start getting up early than here is how I do it.

*This is not  advice to change your habits- do as you please and fits you, I am not a coach/ therapist /any kind of doctor .just in case- here is my disclaimer:.discla

#1: I go to sleep early. as early as I want/can. this can mean 20:00 or even 19:00 sometimes, if i am extra tired and every one at home is good and happy and doesn’t need me.

#2: i don’t watch tv. well except for “the good fight” for professional reasons (and because i like Iuka ). this means i  don’t spend my evenings like most  people i know watching endless episodes of total s***.

#3: i put down my electronic devices at 18:00 -18:30, put them on “silent” and get a nice shower and ready for bed.

*I know some of the ideas  on this post are of no use at all for parents of toddlers, but my youngest is a teen ager so this works for me. I do remember that even when  my kids were young,  getting them to bed at 20:00 on week days was a goal achieved many times.yes it did mean that they got up early but so did i so fine by me.

#4: I get to bed early and read a book.this calms me down and let’s me sleep quietly and easily.

I  don’t mind people having all sorts of remarks on my sleeping habits, and  I  always tell them that unless they save a life/invent something useful/ create something unique / are having quality time with their spouse or children between 20:00 and 23:00 or whenever they go to sleep, they can keep their remarks to themselves.

When i ask people who comment on my sleeping hours what they do after 20:00 the answer 99% of the time the answer  is “i watch tv/ i’m on social media”. well-i’m not, and i feel fine .

the cooliflower.


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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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