why I get up at 04:00


#1: I am an introvert. meaning I enjoy being alone, I love reading, listening to music, exercising alone, meditating, just drifting off -you get the drift.

This means that in order to enjoy quiet hours at home and at the office I needed to choose between staying  up late and getting up early. I found out that since I  am a morning person staying late is not a real option for me.

So my spouse and I decided that he will be in charge of mornings-and i shall be in charge of the afternoons.

So this is when I get to work:(filmed at the parking lot where I work-so that I have actual evidence to present to you).


#2: I am a morning person. I never get up later than 7 , and never have. not even as a teenager..this makes it so much easier .I admitt that telling a night owl the benefits of getting up at 04:00 is of no use.

#3: I can get so much done when I get up at 4.

I can make my vegan yogurt (see link in previous post) and stick it in the oven so when I’m back home- It’s ready.

I can soak beans- for the same reason.

I can clean the house (yes of course I do it quietly but i dont  necessarily need to shout while cleaning the floors-well not every time anyway).I don’t do the dishes or start banging pots and pans at 4 am but if I take just a few minutes the previous day to prepare the house -meaning pull the chairs up and clear the counters than i can finish cleaning in less than 30 min, and when I come back home -no need to do anything but relax.

#4:I can meditate and exercise quietly. no one is there to need/want  something from me.

#5: What’s that you say about morning traffic?and about horrible 17:00 traffic back home?

since i get to work so early- i can leave early. so win-win on traffic issues.

My next post will be on how to get used to getting up at 4 , because if this is a burden then just don’t. life is not meant for suffering.

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an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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