5 reasons to use a compost bin

#1 : just look at that. adding my own compost to my garden’s soil has done wonders to the garden.


#2: reuse recycle reduce: what greater way is there to check on all 3 at once?

#3: time saver: having your own compost bin takes a monthly trip to the nursery off your to do list.

#4: money saver: see #3+ less trash=less garbage bags!

#5: since using the compost bin – my youngest child- in charge of taking out the trash- is delighted-no more heavy &dripping trash-70% of this is already in the compost bin.

  • my tip for composting is designate a small trash bin designated to be in your kitchen (the large bin is located in the garden) and when you peel-clean- drain pasta or bean water- just put it straight in the small bin.  from my experience compost needs watering anyway so using the small bin for liquids combined with coffee grounds , vegetable peels and leftovers is perfectly fine.



Published by wiseassvegan

an organized full time working vegan -with plenty of ideas on getting everything done in the most simple and efficient way possible.

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